2001 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

2001 Virginia Uncodified Acts

2001 Regular Session

Chapter 88 (S 970)
ABC; amphitheater mixed beverage license. 
Chapter 96 (H 1701)
ABC; amphitheater mixed beverage license. 
Chapter 139 (H 1743)
Terry L. Griffith Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 146 (H 1923)
Everett H. Hogge Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 152 (H 2104)
Private detectives. 
Chapter 154 (H 2159)
Beryl R. Newman Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 155 (H 2160)
Beryl R. Newman Memorial Bridge. 
Chapter 159 (H 2406)
Andrew Lewis Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 176 (H 2524)
Dr. Ralph Stanley Highway. 
Chapter 177 (H 2559)
Henderson Road in Fairfax County. 
Chapter 178 (H 2599)
Senator M. M. Long Highway. 
Chapter 179 (H 2688)
Hampton Veterans' Highway. 
Chapter 207 (H 2656)
Gordon C. Willis, Sr., Smart Road. 
Chapter 212 (S 1019)
Guidelines to Electronic Trans. Act's implications on st. agencies. 
Chapter 220 (H 2043)
Court records; privacy of those electronically filed. 
Chapter 230 (H 2718)
Virginia State Bar; eligibility to sit for bar examination. 
Chapter 247 (H 2858)
Property conveyance; Mary B. Stratton Estate. 
Chapter 325 (H 2105)
Importation and breeding of dogs. 
Chapter 331 (H 2479)
Capital Region Airport Commission. 
Chapter 352 (S 1178)
Modification of sentencing guidelines for methamphetamine. 
Chapter 375 (H 2356)
Modification of sentencing guidelines for methamphetamine. 
Chapter 382 (H 2563)
Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge. 
Chapter 577 (S 1365)
Commissions; repeal of inactive groups. 
Chapter 604 (SB 822)
No-truck route; US 17. 
Chapter 682 (S 945)
Retirement System benefits. 
Chapter 734 (S 291)
Joseph V. Gartlan, Jr., Parkway. 
Chapter 805 (H 2123)
Professional teacher's examination. 

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