Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Federal, Commonwealth, and Local Officers
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  • Article 2.
    Federal Offices
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  • § 24.2-202
    Electors for President and Vice President
    § 24.2-203
    Convening of electors; filling vacancies; how electors required to vote
    § 24.2-204
    Election of electors and meeting when Congress prescribes a different day
    § 24.2-205
    Pay of electors
    § 24.2-206
    Election and term of United States Senators
    § 24.2-207
    Filling vacancies in Senate
    § 24.2-208
    Election and term of members of House of Representatives
    § 24.2-209
    Filling vacancies in House of Representatives
  • Article 3.
    Statewide Offices: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General
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  • § 24.2-210
    Election and term of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General
    § 24.2-211
    Discharge of duties when office of Governor is vacant or Governor is disabled
    § 24.2-212
    Discharge of duties when office of Lieutenant Governor vacant
    § 24.2-213
    Filling vacancy in office of Attorney General
  • Article 5.
    Constitutional and Local Officers
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  • § 24.2-217
    Election and terms of constitutional officers
    § 24.2-218
    Election and term of county supervisors
    § 24.2-219
    Alternative for biennial county supervisor elections and staggered terms
    § 24.2-220
    Reversion to quadrennial elections
    § 24.2-221
    Time and frequency of referenda on election and term of supervisors
    § 24.2-222.1
    Alternative election of mayor and council at November general election in cities and towns
    § 24.2-222
    Election and terms of mayor and council for cities and towns
    § 24.2-223
    Election and term of school board members
    § 24.2-224
    Local elections not otherwise provided for
  • Article 6.
    Vacancies in Elected Constitutional and Local Offices
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  • § 24.2-225
    § 24.2-226
    Election to fill vacancy
    § 24.2-227
    Interim appointment by court until vacancy filled by election for certain offices
    § 24.2-228
    Interim appointment to local governing body or elected school board; elected mayor
    § 24.2-228.1
    Election to fill vacancy in constitutional office
    § 24.2-229
    Appointees to qualify and give bond in thirty days
    § 24.2-229.1
    Legitimacy of votes by appointees
  • Article 7.
    Removal of Public Officers from Office
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  • § 24.2-230
    Applicability of article; certain exceptions
    § 24.2-231
    Forfeiture of office by person sentenced for commission of certain crimes
    § 24.2-232
    Vacancy occurring when officer determined "mentally incompetent" (incapacitated)
    § 24.2-233
    (Effective until January 1, 2024) Removal of elected and certain appointed officers by courts
    § 24.2-233
    (Effective January 1, 2024) Removal of elected and certain appointed officers by courts
    § 24.2-234
    Removal of officer appointed for a term certain
    § 24.2-234.1
    Removal of members of local electoral boards and general registrars
    § 24.2-235
    § 24.2-236
    Suspension from office pending hearing and appeal
    § 24.2-237
    Who to represent Commonwealth; trial by jury; appeal
    § 24.2-238