Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 22. Social Services
Agency 40. Department of Social Services

Chapter 73. Standards for Licensed Assisted Living FacilitiesRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Requirements of law and applicability
Section 30
Program of care
Section 40
Section 45
Minimum amount for liability insurance disclosure
Section 50
Section 60
Electronic records and signatures
Section 70
Incident reports
Section 80
Management and control of resident funds
Section 90
Safeguarding residents' funds
Section 100
Infection control program
Section 110
Staff general qualifications
Section 120
Staff orientation and initial training
Section 130
Reports of abuse, neglect, or exploitation
Section 140
Administrator qualifications
Section 150
Administrator provisions and responsibilities
Section 160
Administrator training
Section 170
Shared administrator for smaller facilities
Section 180
Administrator of both assisted living facility and nursing home
Section 190
Designated direct care staff person in charge
Section 200
Direct care staff qualifications
Section 210
Direct care staff training
Section 220
Private duty personnel
Section 230
Staff duties performed by residents
Section 240
Section 250
Staff records and health requirements
Section 260
First aid and CPR certification
Section 270
Direct care staff training when aggressive or restrained residents are in care
Section 280
Section 290
Work schedule and posting
Section 300
Communication among staff
Section 310
Admission and retention of residents
Section 320
Physical examination and report
Section 325
Fall risk rating
Section 330
Mental health screening
Section 340
Psychosocial and behavioral history
Section 350
Sex offender information
Section 360
Emergency placement
Section 370
Respite care
Section 380
Resident personal and social information
Section 390
Resident agreement with facility
Section 400
Monthly statement of charges and payments
Section 410
Orientation and related information for residents
Section 420
Acceptance back in facility
Section 430
Discharge of residents
Section 440
Uniform assessment instrument (UAI)
Section 450
Individualized service plans
Section 460
Personal care services and general supervision and care
Section 470
Health care services
Section 480
Restorative, habilitative, and rehabilitative services
Section 490
Health care oversight
Section 500
Access by community services boards, certain local government departments, and behavioral health authorities
Section 510
Mental health services coordination and support
Section 520
Activity and recreational requirements
Section 530
Freedom of movement
Section 540
Visiting in the facility
Section 550
Resident rights
Section 560
Resident records
Section 570
Release of information regarding resident's personal affairs and records
Section 580
Food service and nutrition
Section 590
Number of meals and availability of snacks
Section 600
Time interval between meals
Section 610
Menus for meals and snacks
Section 620
Oversight of special diets
Section 630
Observance of religious dietary practices
Section 640
Medication management plan and reference materials
Section 650
Physician's or other prescriber's order
Section 660
Storage of medications
Section 670
Qualifications and supervision of staff administering medications
Section 680
Administration of medications and related provisions
Section 690
Medication review
Section 700
Oxygen therapy
Section 710
Section 720
Do Not Resuscitate Orders
Section 730
Advance directives
Section 740
Personal possessions
Section 750
Resident rooms
Section 760
Living room or multipurpose room
Section 770
Dining areas
Section 780
Laundry and linens
Section 790
Section 800
Incoming and outgoing mail
Section 810
Section 820
Section 830
Resident councils
Section 840
Pets living in the assisted living facility
Section 850
Pets visiting the assisted living facility
Section 860
General requirements
Section 870
Maintenance of buildings and grounds
Section 880
Heating, ventilation, and cooling
Section 890
Lighting and lighting fixtures
Section 900
Sleeping areas
Section 910
Common rooms
Section 920
Toilet, face/hand washing, and bathing facilities
Section 925
Toilet, face/hand washing, and bathing supplies
Section 930
Provisions for signaling and call systems
Section 940
Fire safety: compliance with state regulations and local fire ordinances
Section 950
Emergency preparedness and response plan
Section 960
Fire and emergency evacuation plan
Section 970
Fire and emergency evacuation drills
Section 980
Emergency equipment and supplies
Section 990
Plan for resident emergencies and practice exercise
Section 1000
Section 1010
Section 1020
Section 1030
Staff training
Section 1040
Doors and windows
Section 1050
Outdoor access
Section 1060
Indoor walking area
Section 1070
Environmental precautions
Section 1080
Section 1090
Section 1100
Section 1110
Appropriateness of placement and continued residence
Section 1120
Section 1130
Section 1140
Staff training
Section 1150
Doors and windows
Section 1160
Outdoor access
Section 1170
Indoor walking area
Section 1180
Environmental precautions
FORMS (22VAC40-73)

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