1994 Uncodified Acts Regular and Special Session

1994 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1994 Regular Session

Chapter 1 (S 185)
Income tax conformity. 
Chapter 2 (H 219)
Peanut seeds. 
Chapter 61 (H 1130)
Board of Rehabilitative Services. 
Chapter 77 (H 698)
Certain town elections; postponement and rescheduling. 
Chapter 110 (S 384)
W. Hank Norton Highway. 
Chapter 139 (SB 5)
Withholding allowances. 
Chapter 147 (HB 6)
Withholding allowances. 
Chapter 208 (H 700)
Taxation of remainder interests. 
Chapter 233 (S 458)
Bond issue. 
Chapter 235 (S 514)
County of Augusta and others; operation of steam excursion train. 
Chapter 257 (H 299)
Termination of certain nonconforming uses in the City of Martinsville. 
Chapter 298 (H 1269)
Municipal elections. 
Chapter 302 (H 1342)
Local tax amnesty. 
Chapter 343 (H 710)
Louisa County referendum on deer hunting with rifles. 
Chapter 392 (H 747)
Friend of the Bay Award. 
Chapter 438 (S 416)
Property conveyance. 
Chapter 470 (HB 702)
Bonds for the Northern Virginia Transportation District Program. 
Chapter 530 (H 202)
Bonds for parking facilities. 
Chapter 589 (H 1294)
Haymarket Transportation Program. 
Chapter 597 (SB 139)
Bonds for the Northern Virginia Transportation District Program. 
Chapter 618 (S 460)
Standards of Quality. 
Chapter 622 (S 581)
Breaks Interstate Park Commission. 
Chapter 628 (H 191)
Hotel Roanoke Conference Center Commission. 
Chapter 653 (H 776)
Virginia Personnel Act. 
Chapter 678 (SB 42)
Operation of local health departments in Fairfax County. 
Chapter 690 (S 449)
Conveyance of property to and from the Commonwealth. 
Chapter 695 (S 567)
Validity of final subdivision plats and site plans. 
Chapter 716 (H 777)
Central computerized filings of various disclosure reports. 
Chapter 773 (S 314)
Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Commission. 
Chapter 824 (S 80)
Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 1994. 
Chapter 908 (H 664)
Scenic highways. 
Chapter 943 (H 1187)
Certain program for persons living with AIDS. 

1994 Special Session I

Chapter 1 (S 2006)
Workers' compensation; uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage; 

1994 Special Session II

Chapter 3 (H 5002)
Operating costs of correctional facilities; appropriation. 
Chapter 7 (S 3010)
Commission, boards and institutions; Virginia Correctional Enterprises 

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