1998 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1998 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1998 Regular Session

Chapter 14 (H 1141)
Land records management. 
Chapter 36 (H 455)
Property lease; Smiley Block Company property. 
Chapter 40 (H 779)
Property conveyance; lands in James River. 
Chapter 41 (H 821)
Property conveyance; Fort Boykin State Park. 
Chapter 59 (S 1)
T. George Vaughan, Jr., Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 123 (H 889)
Boundary line between Loudoun County, Va. & Jefferson County, W. Va. 
Chapter 127 (S 153)
Trade and commerce; digital signatures. 
Chapter 135 (H 3)
Income tax; deduction for qualified agricultural contributions. 
Chapter 145 (H 1135)
Coal loading facilities. 
Chapter 169 (H 6)
Funeral establishments; hardship provision. 
Chapter 185 (H 976)
Property conveyance; Natural Tunnel State Park. 
Chapter 206 (H 1314)
Naming of public buildings. 
Chapter 244 (S 59)
Transfer of property from VRS to Science Museum. 
Chapter 247 (S 328)
Smith Mountain Lake; no-discharge zone for boat sewage. 
Chapter 248 (S 411)
Lease of Mason Neck State Park. 
Chapter 250 (H 276)
Computer programs not compliant with Year 2000. 
Chapter 256 (H 607)
Trigon funds of local school divisions. 
Chapter 267 (H 1312)
Property transfer; Shenandoah Business Incubator and Tech. Center. 
Chapter 273 (S 24)
Property conveyance; National Guard Armory in Richlands. 
Chapter 282 (S 240)
Property lease; Smiley Block Company property. 
Chapter 296 (H 126)
Charles Hardaway Marks Bridges. 
Chapter 304 (H 734)
George Ward Dalton Bridge. 
Chapter 306 (H 826)
Purple Heart Trail. 
Chapter 348 (S 218)
Property of Henrico County in the City of Richmond. 
Chapter 356 (S 372)
Genetic information. 
Chapter 378 (H 793)
Deeds; requirement for indexing. 
Chapter 406 (H 345)
General Assembly; first-day introduction bills. 
Chapter 433 (H 925)
Transportation; highway and transportation rights-of-way. 
Chapter 465 (S 302)
Freya Dalton Bridges. 
Chapter 473 (HB 31)
Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 1998. 
Chapter 509 (H 575)
Boating; personal watercraft rentals. 
Chapter 548 (S 335)
Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel Commission. 
Chapter 553 (S 598)
Rappahannock River Basin Commission. 
Chapter 559 (H 100)
Accelerated payments in federal retiree settlement programs. 
Chapter 588 (S 340)
Capital Region Airport Commission. 
Chapter 629 (S 595)
Study; child care, abolishes Child Day-Care Council. 
Chapter 632 (H 879)
Property conveyance; property held by VPI & SU. 
Chapter 633 (H 1172)
Electric utility industry; schedule. 
Chapter 663 (S 315)
Traffic signals; photo-enforcement. 
Chapter 673 (S 707)
Municipal purpose restrictions on real property. 
Chapter 678 (H 299)
Workforce Transition Act Corrective Payments. 
Chapter 713 (H 496)
November elections for Towns of Dayton and Mount Crawford. 
Chapter 734 (SB 31)
Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 1998. 
Chapter 740 (SB 566)
Bonds for Northern Virginia Transportation District Program. 
Chapter 741 (S 567)
Transportation Contract Revenue Bond Act. 
Chapter 761 (HB 1117)
Bonds for Northern Virginia Transportation District Program. 
Chapter 779 (S 276)
Small claims courts. 
Chapter 790 (SB 442)
Shipyard Incentive Commission; created. 
Chapter 809 (SB 718)
Chamberlin Hotel. 
Chapter 841 (H 693)
Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 893 (H 670)
Regional juvenile detention commissions. 

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