2003 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

2003 Virginia Uncodified Acts

2003 Regular Session

Chapter 4 (HB 1536)
Bonds; Longwood College. 
Chapter 22 (SB 930)
Madison E. Marye Highway. 
Chapter 51 (SB 930)
Madison E. Marye Highway. 
Chapter 63 (HB 1695)
Health; local health partnership authorities. 
Chapter 70 (SB 1068)
Health; local health partnership authorities. 
Chapter 100 (SB 884)
Property conveyance. 
Chapter 157 (SB 746)
Bonds; Longwood College. 
Chapter 188 (HB 1808)
Treasurer; City of Galax. 
Chapter 203 (HB 2161)
Claims; McCowan, Owens, et al. 
Chapter 211 (HB 2438)
Virginia Retirement System; teachers. 
Chapter 213 (HB 2647)
Lighting level regulation; Augusta County. 
Chapter 230 (SB 1305)
Conveyance of easement. 
Chapter 235 (HB 1528)
Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans' Cemetery. 
Chapter 244 (HB 1793)
Veterans Care Center; named after certain Medal of Honor recipients. 
Chapter 276 (SB 747)
Old Colchester Road. 
Chapter 284 (SB 1004)
Darrell Green Boulevard. 
Chapter 285 (SB 1177)
D. Woodrow Bird Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 296 (HB 1381)
World War II Veterans Memorial Hwy.; W.W. II Veterans Memorial Bridge. 
Chapter 302 (HB 1487)
Arterial network of highways. 
Chapter 337 (HB 2799)
Northern Virginia Transportation District Program. 
Chapter 346 (SB 1203)
Va. Freedom of Information Act; electronic communication meetings. 
Chapter 365 (HB 2639)
Va. Research and Tech. Advisory Commission (VRTAC); strategies;report. 
Chapter 366 (HB 2742)
Herbert H. Bateman Advanced Shipbuilding Carrier Integration Center. 
Chapter 388 (SB 1180)
Property conveyance; National Guard Armory. 
Chapter 396 (H 1475)
Richmond-Henrico Metropolitan Area Commission. 
Chapter 419 (HB 2071)
Claims; Deborah G. Wheeling. 
Chapter 441 (HB 2630)
Claims; Elmo and Mary Lawrence. 
Chapter 460 (SB 1008)
Medical assistance services; consumer-directed care. 
Chapter 475 (SB 1344)
Electronic meetings; UVA Board of Visitors; video broadcast meetings. 
Chapter 486 (HB 1747)
Certificate of public need; authorization of certain amendment. 
Chapter 489 (HB 1822)
Chapter 490 (HB 1824)
Health professions; pharmacy technicians. 
Chapter 494 (HB 1899)
Schools of optometry; enrollment funding. 
Chapter 523 (HB 2698)
Civil commitment procedures. 
Chapter 524 (HB 2707)
Community centers in certain towns. 
Chapter 530 (HB 2834)
Biennial election of Gloucester County supervisors; initial terms. 
Chapter 586 (HB 1478)
Space Radiation Effects Laboratory. 
Chapter 601 (HB 2079)
State travel guidelines. 
Chapter 617 (HB 2671)
School safety personnel. 
Chapter 644 (HB 2192)
Virginia Public Procurement Act; reverse auctioning. 
Chapter 653 (HB 2760)
Virginia Research and Technology Advisory Commission (VRTAC); plan. 
Chapter 689 (HB 1491)
Use of rifles in King George County. 
Chapter 706 (HB 2254)
Notification of reduction in force for teachers. 
Chapter 734 (HB 1481)
Waterfowl sanctuaries and blinds. 
Chapter 746 (HB 2719)
Buckingham Correctional Center. 
Chapter 747 (HB 2807)
Transferring property of unincorporated area; to board of supervisors. 
Chapter 826 (SB 863)
Claims; Marvin Lamont Anderson. 
Chapter 885 (SB 1315)
Clarifications for certain collegial bodies. 
Chapter 890 (HB 1644)
Federal campaign and political committees; comity. 
Chapter 895 (HB 1927)
Procurement of information technology; reverse auctioning. 
Chapter 898 (HB 2066)
Interstate Route 73. 
Chapter 900 ( HB 2097)
Administration of government; long-term planning; Roadmap Va's Future. 
Chapter 902 (HB 2140)
Posting of Bill of Rights in public schools. 
Chapter 953 (HB 2543)
U.S. Route 460 improvements. 
Chapter 955 (HB 2804)
VA Public Building Authority; Capitol Square Preservation Act of 2003. 
Chapter 957 (SJ 417)
Constitutional amendment (first resolution); eff. dates of redistrict. 
Chapter 958 (HJ 635)
Constitutional amendment (first resolution); restoration civil rights. 
Chapter 959 (HJ 641)
Constitutional amendment (first resolution); succession office of Gov. 
Chapter 1036 (HB 2503)
Real estate appeals to Boards of Equalization and circuit court. 
Chapter 1042 (HB 1400)
Budget Bill. 

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