Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 6. Criminal Justice and Corrections
Agency 15. Department of Corrections

Chapter 81. Standards for Planning, Design, Construction, and Reimbursement of Local Correctional FacilitiesRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Section 30
Section 40
Expansions or renovations
Section 50
Localities with multiple facilities
Section 60
Review and inspections
Section 70
Conflict between this chapter and building codes or other standards
Section 80
Section 90
Section 100
Document submission schedule and method
Section 110
Community based corrections plan requirement
Section 120
Local responsibility for community based corrections plan
Section 130
Community based corrections plan contents
Section 140
Localities not operating a jail
Section 150
Needs assessment
Section 160
Funding priority
Section 170
Analysis of criminal justice and inmate population data
Section 180
Assessment of existing resources
Section 190
Analysis of existing criminal justice practices
Section 200
Recommended resources to improve or expand existing and establish new alternatives
Section 210
Impact from the loss of local jails
Section 220
Specific jail population forecast
Section 230
Analysis of defendant or inmate management practices
Section 240
Program or procedural strategies for reducing the jail population forecast
Section 250
Proposed project
Section 260
Conclusions and recommendations
Section 270
Needs assessment review
Section 280
Planning study requirements
Section 290
Required information for planning study
Section 300
Minor renovation projects; required information
Section 310
Criteria for board funding recommendation
Section 320
Funding priorities
Section 330
Board recommendations
Section 340
Reimbursement rates
Section 350
Required forms
Section 360
Project development; reviewing authority
Section 370
Schematic design documents
Section 380
Design development documents
Section 390
Value management analysis
Section 400
Construction documents
Section 410
Changes and delays
Section 420
Section 430
Section 440
Final inspection
Section 450
Record documents
Section 460
Method of reimbursement
Section 470
Request for interim lump sum reimbursement
Section 480
Final lump sum reimbursement closeout documentation
Section 490
Treasury Board reimbursement
Section 500
Secure local correctional facilities design and construction - general
Section 510
Separation of males, females, and juveniles
Section 520
Traffic patterns
Section 530
Related areas
Section 540
Section 550
Public areas
Section 560
Secure perimeter
Section 570
Interior security walls, interior partitions
Section 580
Exterior areas
Section 590
Section 600
Emergency containment
Section 610
Section 620
Pedestrian sally ports
Section 630
Vehicular sally port
Section 640
Intake and processing
Section 650
Security levels of housing
Section 660
Cells and dayrooms
Section 670
Cell requirements
Section 680
Dayroom requirements
Section 690
Dormitory requirements
Section 700
Natural light
Section 710
Artificial light
Section 720
Climate control
Section 730
Equipment and fixtures
Section 740
Special purpose cells
Section 750
Multipurpose space
Section 760
Section 770
Section 780
Section 790
Facility visiting area
Section 800
Food service
Section 810
Section 820
Section 830
Section 840
Section 850
Intercom, closed circuit television, video, and sound services
Section 860
Section 870
Glazing in doors
Section 880
Mechanical, maintenance, security electronics
Section 890
Access for replacement of mechanical equipment
Section 900
Section 910
Housing unit stair and cell tier guard rails
Section 920
Building systems - general
Section 930
Structural systems - walls, floors, roofs, ceilings
Section 940
Doors and frames - security and nonsecurity
Section 950
Locks and locking systems
Section 960
Window frames
Section 970
Security glazing
Section 980
Mechanical, plumbing, electrical, smoke control, and fire protection installation
Section 990
Section 1000
Section 1010
Section 1020
Smoke control
Section 1030
Fire protection
Section 1040
Jail equipment
Section 1050
Interstitial spaces
Section 1060
Security fasteners
Section 1070
Food, paper, and medicine passes
Section 1080
Section 1090
Interior finishes
Section 1100
Section 1110
Security sealants
Section 1120
Section 1130
Community custody facilities design and construction - general
Section 1140
Separate building
Section 1150
Traffic pattern separation
Section 1160
Type of construction
Section 1170
Section 1180
Separation of males and females
Section 1190
Housing unit size
Section 1200
Building access
Section 1210
Fixtures and furnishings
Section 1220
Section 1230
Section 1240
Section 1250
Door swing
Section 1260
Voice and visual communication
Section 1270
Section 1280
Multipurpose space
Section 1290
Drains, storage, and janitorial closets
Section 1300
Standby power and emergency release provisions
Section 1310
Interior finishes
Section 1320
Windows, doors, and locks
Section 1330
Climate control
Section 1340
Section 1350
Section 1360
Section 1370
Section 1380
Section 1390
Lockups and cells
Section 1400
Section 1410
Floor drains
Section 1420
Section 1430
Fixtures for inmates
Section 1440
Cell furnishings
Section 1450
Secure space
Section 1460
Section 1470
Visiting space
Section 1480
Construction requirements

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