1995 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1995 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1995 Regular Session

Chapter 6 (H 987)
Publication and distribution of certain annual reports prohibited. 
Chapter 14 (H 1756)
Asbestos cases; consolidation and bifurcation. 
Chapter 47 (H 2091)
Reauthorization of federal retirees' settlement plan. 
Chapter 61 (S 737)
Property conveyance in Pocahontas State Park. 
Chapter 64 (S 804)
Motor Vehicle Scrappage Program. 
Chapter 73 (S 855)
Robert W. Smalley Bridges. 
Chapter 120 (H 1954)
Certificates of completion for certain apprenticeship programs. 
Chapter 147 (H 2070)
Daniel Boone Heritage Trail & Trail of Lonesome Pine. 
Chapter 148 (H 2073)
Virginia byways; portion of Route 72. 
Chapter 159 (S 1091)
Completion of city council terms in City of Franklin. 
Chapter 183 (S 812)
John F. 'Jack' Herrity Parkway in Fairfax County. 
Chapter 185 (S 831)
Federal retirees tax refund. 
Chapter 191 (S 954)
Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 1995. 
Chapter 291 (H 1486)
Reimbursement for emergency law-enforcement expenses. 
Chapter 308 (H 1908)
Advisory referendum; Buckingham County. 
Chapter 320 (H 2023)
Land exchange in Buckingham County. 
Chapter 387 (H 2077)
Norfolk declaration of Pretty Lake as crab sanctuary. 
Chapter 406 (H 2601)
Accreditation standards; flexibility. 
Chapter 425 (S 1102)
Virginia historical documents; teaching in public schools. 
Chapter 480 (H 2564)
Virginia byways. 
Chapter 508 (S 1054)
Uniforms in public schools. 
Chapter 560 (H 1728)
Transportation Facilities Bond Act of 1995. 
Chapter 575 (H 2246)
Purchase and dispensing of controlled substances by WAMAC. 
Chapter 587 (H 2576)
Coal and gas road improvement tax. 
Chapter 596 (H 1731)
Regional cooperation. 
Chapter 614 (SB 966)
Coal and gas road improvement tax. 
Chapter 635 (HB 2266)
Coal and gas road improvement tax. 
Chapter 639 (H 2362)
Health services operation in Richmond City. 
Chapter 640 (H 2383)
Assistance for a county sheriff disabled in line of duty. 
Chapter 650 (S 1035)
Medical Savings Account Act. 
Chapter 666 (H 1959)
Personnel administration; sick leave. 
Chapter 792 (S 761)
Enterprise Zone Act. 
Chapter 795 (S 785)
Norfolk/Virginia Beach Toll Road. 

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