1997 Uncodified Acts Regular Session

1997 Virginia Uncodified Acts

1997 Regular Session

Chapter 1 (H 1630)
Lag pay for state employees; abolished. 
Chapter 18 (H 2235)
Racing Commission; licenses for Colonial Downs. 
Chapter 22 (H 2412)
Tributary plan for York, James and Rappahannock River Basins. 
Chapter 44 (H 2709)
State agencies to provide copies of documents. 
Chapter 46 (S 691)
Ruby's Road. 
Chapter 52 (S 864)
Douthat State Park Way. 
Chapter 53 (S 868)
Route 629; Virginia byway. 
Chapter 73 (H 1998)
Protection against liability for retaining Trigon stock. 
Chapter 75 (H 2017)
Hotel Roanoke Conference Center Commission. 
Chapter 76 (H 2093)
116th Infantry Regiment Memorial Highway. 
Chapter 92 (H 1856)
Earle Davis Gregory Highway. 
Chapter 95 (H 2228)
E. David Ringley Bridge. 
Chapter 97 (H 2851)
Scenic highway; Yates Ford Road. 
Chapter 98 (H 2905)
Designating names of certain bridges on Routes 60 & 622. 
Chapter 151 (H 2231)
Courts; pro bono counsel for family abuse victims. 
Chapter 194 (S 814)
Regulation of lighting in Albemarle County. 
Chapter 211 (H 2045)
Personnel system in certain cities. 
Chapter 237 (S 869)
College Woods; transfer of property. 
Chapter 243 (H 1645)
Small claims court; representation. 
Chapter 253 (H 2193)
Small claims courts. 
Chapter 264 (H 2628)
Use of hunting weapons. 
Chapter 265 (H 2690)
Interstate Route 73 corridor. 
Chapter 298 (S 960)
Unemployment compensation; tax rates for new employers. 
Chapter 332 (S 1188)
Fire suppression system; installation by certain hotels and motels. 
Chapter 348 (H 2725)
Conveyance of Hampton Roads Marina. 
Chapter 359 (S 1058)
Medical assistance services. 
Chapter 435 (S 832)
Property conveyance; ABC Board. 
Chapter 483 (H 2042)
License plates; use of machine-readable scan lines. 
Chapter 520 (H 2415)
Citizen standing to appeal permit content. 
Chapter 580 (SB 961)
Conveyance of George Washington's Grist Mill State Park. 
Chapter 596 (H 1936)
Alternative education programs. 
Chapter 620 (H 2537)
Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact. 
Chapter 642 (S 931)
Juvenile detention commissions. 
Chapter 658 (S 1189)
Capital Region Airport Commission. 
Chapter 673 (H 2555)
Judicial Retirement System. 
Chapter 675 (H 2579)
Study; fees assessed by circuit court clerks for info technology. 
Chapter 678 (H 2669)
School calendar. 
Chapter 695 (H 1568)
Charles City County; division and conveyance of land to siblings. 
Chapter 756 (H 2846)
Coal Employment and Production Incentive Tax Credit. 
Chapter 860 (H 2261)
Board of Housing and Community Development. 
Chapter 867 (H 2411)
Virginia Route 3; King's Highway. 

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