Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Crimes Involving Fraud
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  • Article 1.
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  • § 18.2-168
    Forging public records, etc.
    § 18.2-169
    Forging, or keeping an instrument for forging, a seal
    § 18.2-170
    Forging coin or bank notes
    § 18.2-171
    Making or having anything designed for forging any writing, etc.
    § 18.2-172
    Forging, uttering, etc., other writings
    § 18.2-172.1
    Falsifying or altering and fraudulently using transcripts or diplomas; penalty
    § 18.2-172.2
    Maliciously affixing another's signature to writing; penalty
    § 18.2-173
    Having in possession forged coin or bank notes
  • Article 2.
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  • § 18.2-174
    Impersonating law-enforcement officer; penalty
    § 18.2-174.1
    Impersonating certain public safety personnel; penalty
    § 18.2-175
    Unlawful wearing of officer's uniform or insignia; unlawful use of vehicle with word "police" shown thereon
    § 18.2-176
    Unauthorized wearing or displaying on motor vehicles of any button, insignia or emblem of certain associations or societies or of Southern Cross of Honor
    § 18.2-177
    Illegal use of insignia
    § 18.2-177.1
    False representation of military status; penalty
  • Article 3.
    False Pretenses
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  • § 18.2-178
    Obtaining money or signature, etc., by false pretense
    § 18.2-178.1
    Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults; penalty
    § 18.2-178.2
    Financial exploitation by an agent; penalty
    § 18.2-179
    Unlawful operation of coin box telephone, parking meter, vending machine, etc.
    § 18.2-180
    Manufacture, etc., of slugs, etc., for such unlawful use
  • Article 4.
    Bad Check Law
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  • § 18.2-181
    Issuing bad checks, etc., larceny
    § 18.2-181.1
    Issuance of bad checks
    § 18.2-182
    Issuing bad checks on behalf of business firm or corporation in payment of wages; penalty
    § 18.2-182.1
    Issuing bad checks in payment of taxes
    § 18.2-183
    Issuance of bad check prima facie evidence of intent and knowledge; notice by certified or registered mail
    § 18.2-184
    Presumption as to notation attached to check, draft or order
    § 18.2-185
    Evidence and presumptions in malicious prosecution actions after issuance of bad check
  • Article 5.
    False Representations to Obtain Property or Credit
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  • § 18.2-186
    False statements to obtain property or credit
    § 18.2-186.1
    § 18.2-186.2
    False statements or failure to disclose material facts in order to obtain aid or benefits under any local, state or federal housing assistance program
    § 18.2-186.3
    Identity theft; penalty; restitution; victim assistance
    § 18.2-186.3:1
    Identity fraud; consumer reporting agencies; police reports
    § 18.2-186.4
    Use of a person's identity with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass; penalty
    § 18.2-186.4:1
    Internet publication of personal information of certain public officials
    § 18.2-186.5
    Expungement of false identity information from police and court records; Identity Theft Passport
    § 18.2-186.6
    Breach of personal information notification
    § 18.2-187
    § 18.2-187.1
    Obtaining or attempting to obtain oil, electric, gas, water, telephone, telegraph, cable television or electronic communication service without payment; penalty; civil liability
    § 18.2-187.2
    Audiovisual recording of motion pictures unlawful; penalty
    § 18.2-188
    Defrauding hotels, motels, campgrounds, boardinghouses, etc.
    § 18.2-188.1
    Defrauding person having a lien on an animal; penalty
    § 18.2-189
    Defrauding keeper of motor vehicles or watercraft
    § 18.2-190
    Fraudulent misrepresentation as to breed of bull or cattle
  • Article 7.
    Miscellaneous False and Fraudulent Acts
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  • § 18.2-200
    Failure to perform promise to deliver crop, etc., in return for advances
    § 18.2-200.1
    Failure to perform promise for construction, etc., in return for advances
    § 18.2-201
    Advances secured by fraudulent promise to perform agricultural labor
    § 18.2-202
    § 18.2-204
    False statement for the purpose of defrauding industrial sick benefit company
    § 18.2-204.1
    Fraudulent use of birth certificates, etc.; penalty
    § 18.2-204.2
    Manufacture, sale, etc., or possession of fictitious, facsimile or simulated official license or identification; penalty
    § 18.2-204.3
    Transfers for the sole or primary purpose of obtaining a lower unemployment tax rate; penalty
    § 18.2-205
    False pretense in obtaining registration of cattle and other animals and giving false pedigree
    § 18.2-206
    Procuring an animal, aircraft, vehicle or boat with intent to defraud
    § 18.2-207
    Making false entry, etc., in marriage register, etc.
    § 18.2-208
    Making false statement, etc., for marriage record, etc.
    § 18.2-209
    False publications
    § 18.2-209.1
    Penalties for false certificate or failure to give bond
    § 18.2-209.2
    Failure of clerk to give notice of appointment of special commissioner to collect purchase money or rent
    § 18.2-210
    Stamping, etc., on newspapers, any word, etc., to cause belief it was done by publisher; circulating such newspapers
    § 18.2-211
    § 18.2-212
    Calling or summoning emergency medical services vehicle or firefighting apparatus without just cause; maliciously activating fire alarms; venue
    § 18.2-212.1
    Unlawful for person not blind or incapacitated to carry white, white tipped with red or metallic cane
    § 18.2-213
    Simulation of warrants, processes, writs and notices
    § 18.2-213.1
    Obtaining certification as small, women-owned, or minority-owned business by deception; penalty
    § 18.2-213.2
    Filing false lien or encumbrance against another
  • Article 8.
    Misrepresentations and Other Offenses Connected with Sales
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  • § 18.2-214
    Changing or removing, etc., trademarks, identification marks, etc.
    § 18.2-214.1
    Penalties for failure to report removal or alteration of identification or serial number on business machines
    § 18.2-215
    Removal or alteration of identification numbers on household electrical appliances; possession of such appliances
    § 18.2-216
    Untrue, deceptive or misleading advertising, inducements, writings or documents
    § 18.2-216.1
    Unauthorized use of name or picture of any person; punishment
    § 18.2-217
    Advertising merchandise, etc., for sale with intent not to sell at price or terms advertised; prima facie evidence of violation
    § 18.2-218
    Failure to indicate goods, etc., are "seconds," "irregulars," "secondhand," etc.
    § 18.2-219
    § 18.2-220
    Use of word "wholesale" or "wholesaler."
    § 18.2-221
    Advertising new or used automobiles or trucks
    § 18.2-222
    Misrepresentation as to source of merchandise; penalty
    § 18.2-223
    "Going out of business" sales; permit required
    § 18.2-224
    "Going out of business" sales; counties, cities and towns to issue permits; inspections; application for permit; inventory required; commingling of other goods prohibited; duration; additional permits; inclusion of permit number and dates in advertisements; fee
    § 18.2-225
    Misrepresentations as to agricultural products
    § 18.2-226
    Fraud and misrepresentation in sale of liquid fuels, lubricating oils and similar products
    § 18.2-227
    Same; sale from pump indicating other brand
    § 18.2-228
    Same; imitating indicia of other brands
    § 18.2-229
    Same; false trade name or mixing brands
    § 18.2-230
    Same; assisting in violation of §§ 18.2-226 through 18.2-229
    § 18.2-231
    Same; label required
    § 18.2-232
    Same; punishment for violation of §§ 18.2-226 through 18.2-231
    § 18.2-233
    Sale of goods marked "sterling" and "sterling silver."
    § 18.2-234
    Sale of goods marked "coin" and "coin silver."
    § 18.2-235
    Regulating sale of merchandise made of gold
    § 18.2-236
    § 18.2-237
    Buying, etc., certain secondhand materials; intent; possession
    § 18.2-238
    Buying, etc., pig iron, etc., with intent to defraud; possession; evidence of intent
    § 18.2-239
    Pyramid promotional schemes; misdemeanor; definitions; contracts void
    § 18.2-240
    Same; injunction
    § 18.2-241
    Acceptance of promissory notes in payment for food sold at retail
    § 18.2-242
    Use of games, lotteries, etc., for promoting sale of certain products
    § 18.2-242.1
    Certain referral transactions in connection with consumer sales or leases prohibited; effect of such transactions
    § 18.2-243
    When issuer or distributor of advertisements not guilty of violation; inadvertent error
    § 18.2-244
    Right to select clientele or customers not affected
    § 18.2-245
    Enjoining violation of this article
    § 18.2-246
    Penalty in general for violations