Code of Virginia

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Chapter 5.
Crimes Against Property
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  • Article 1.
    Arson and Related Crimes
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  • § 18.2-77
    Burning or destroying dwelling house, etc.
    § 18.2-78
    What not deemed dwelling house
    § 18.2-79
    Burning or destroying meeting house, etc.
    § 18.2-80
    Burning or destroying any other building or structure
    § 18.2-81
    Burning or destroying personal property, standing grain, etc.
    § 18.2-82
    Burning building or structure while in such building or structure with intent to commit felony
    § 18.2-83
    Threats to bomb or damage buildings or means of transportation; false information as to danger to such buildings, etc.; punishment; venue
    § 18.2-84
    Causing, inciting, etc., commission of act proscribed by § 18.2-83
    § 18.2-85
    Manufacture, possession, use, etc., of fire bombs or explosive materials or devices; penalties
    § 18.2-86
    Setting fire to woods, fences, grass, etc.
    § 18.2-87
    Setting woods, etc., on fire intentionally whereby another is damaged or jeopardized
    § 18.2-87.1
    Setting off chemical bombs capable of producing smoke in certain public buildings
    § 18.2-88
    Carelessly damaging property by fire
  • Article 2.
    Burglary and Related Offenses
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  • § 18.2-89
    Burglary; how punished
    § 18.2-90
    Entering dwelling house, etc., with intent to commit murder, rape, robbery or arson; penalty
    § 18.2-91
    Entering dwelling house, etc., with intent to commit larceny, assault and battery or other felony
    § 18.2-92
    Breaking and entering dwelling house with intent to commit other misdemeanor
    § 18.2-93
    Entering bank, armed, with intent to commit larceny
    § 18.2-94
    Possession of burglarious tools, etc.
  • Article 3.
    Larceny and Receiving Stolen Goods
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  • § 18.2-95
    Grand larceny defined; how punished
    § 18.2-96
    Petit larceny defined; how punished
    § 18.2-96.1
    Identification of certain personalty
    § 18.2-97
    Larceny of certain animals and poultry
    § 18.2-97.1
    Removal of a transmitting device; penalty
    § 18.2-98
    Larceny of bank notes, checks, etc., or any book of accounts
    § 18.2-98.1
    § 18.2-99
    Larceny of things fixed to the freehold
    § 18.2-100
    Removal of crop by tenant before rents and advances are satisfied
    § 18.2-101
    Selling, etc., of goods distrained or levied on
    § 18.2-102
    Unauthorized use of animal, aircraft, vehicle or boat; consent; accessories or accomplices
    § 18.2-102.1
    Removal of shopping cart from store premises
    § 18.2-102.2
    Unauthorized use of dairy milk cases or milk crates; penalty
    § 18.2-103
    Concealing or taking possession of merchandise; altering price tags; transferring goods from one container to another; counseling, etc., another in performance of such acts
    § 18.2-103.1
    Organized retail theft; penalty
    § 18.2-104
    § 18.2-104.1
    Liability upon conviction under § 18.2-103
    § 18.2-105
    § 18.2-105.1
    Detention of suspected shoplifter
    § 18.2-105.2
    Manufacture, sale, etc., of devices to shield against electronic detection of shoplifting prohibited; penalty
    § 18.2-106
    "Agents of the merchant" defined
    § 18.2-107
    Theft or destruction of public records by others than officers
    § 18.2-108
    Receiving, etc., stolen goods
    § 18.2-108.01
    Larceny with intent to sell or distribute; sale of stolen property; penalty
    § 18.2-108.1
    Receipt of stolen firearm
    § 18.2-109
    Receipt or transfer of possession of stolen vehicle, aircraft or boat
    § 18.2-110
  • Article 4.
    Embezzlement and Fraudulent Conversions
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  • § 18.2-111
    Embezzlement deemed larceny; indictment
    § 18.2-111.1
    § 18.2-111.2
    Failure to pay withheld child support; embezzlement
    § 18.2-112
    Embezzlement by officers, etc., of public or other funds; default in paying over funds evidence of guilt
    § 18.2-112.1
    Misuse of public assets; penalty
    § 18.2-113
    Fraudulent entries, etc., in accounts by officers or clerks of financial institutions, joint stock companies or corporations; penalty
    § 18.2-114
    § 18.2-114.1
    When collection of money by commissioner, etc., larceny
    § 18.2-115
    Fraudulent conversion or removal of property subject to lien or title to which is in another
    § 18.2-115.1
    Unlawful sublease of a motor vehicle; penalty
    § 18.2-116
    Failure to pay for or return goods delivered for selection or approval
    § 18.2-117
    Failure of bailee to return animal, aircraft, vehicle or boat
    § 18.2-118
    Fraudulent conversion or removal of leased personal property
  • Article 5.
    Trespass to Realty
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  • § 18.2-119
    Trespass after having been forbidden to do so; penalties
    § 18.2-119.1
    Validity of signs forbidding trespass; penalty
    § 18.2-120
    Instigating, etc., such trespass by others; preventing service to persons not forbidden to trespass
    § 18.2-121
    Entering property of another for purpose of damaging it, etc.
    § 18.2-121.1
    Permitting certain animals to run at large
    § 18.2-121.2
    Trespass by spotlight on agricultural land
    § 18.2-121.3
    Trespass with an unmanned aircraft system; penalty
    § 18.2-122
    § 18.2-123
    § 18.2-124
    Jurisdiction over offenses committed in Capitol Square
    § 18.2-125
    Trespass at night upon any cemetery
    § 18.2-126
    Violation of sepulture; defilement of a dead human body; penalties
    § 18.2-127
    Injuries to churches, church property, cemeteries, burial grounds, etc.; penalty
    § 18.2-128
    Trespass upon church or school property
    § 18.2-129
    § 18.2-130
    Peeping or spying into dwelling or enclosure
    § 18.2-130.1
    Peeping or spying into dwelling or occupied building by electronic device or unmanned aircraft system; penalty
    § 18.2-131
    Trespass upon licensed shooting preserve
    § 18.2-132
    Trespass by hunters and fishers
    § 18.2-132.1
    Trespass by hunters using dogs; penalty
    § 18.2-133
    Refusal of person on land, etc., of another to identify himself
    § 18.2-134
    Trespass on posted property
    § 18.2-134.1
    Method of posting lands
    § 18.2-135
    Destruction of posted signs; posting land of another
    § 18.2-136
    Right of certain hunters to go on lands of another; carrying firearms or bows and arrows prohibited
    § 18.2-136.1
    Enforcement of §§ 18.2-131 through 18.2-135
  • Article 7.
    Damage to and Tampering with Property
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  • § 18.2-144
    Maiming, killing or poisoning animals, fowl, etc.
    § 18.2-144.1
    Prohibition against killing or injuring police animals; penalty
    § 18.2-144.2
    Prohibition against making a false representation of ownership of an animal to a public or private animal shelter; penalty
    § 18.2-145
    Protection of homing pigeons
    § 18.2-145.1
    Damaging or destroying research farm product; penalty; restitution
    § 18.2-146
    Breaking, injuring, defacing, destroying, or preventing the operation of vehicle, aircraft, boat, or vessel; penalties
    § 18.2-146.1
    Unlawful purchase or sale of a catalytic converter from a motor vehicle exhaust system that has been detached from a motor vehicle; penalty
    § 18.2-147
    Entering or setting in motion, vehicle, aircraft, boat, locomotive or rolling stock of railroad; exceptions
    § 18.2-147.1
    Breaking and entering into railroad cars, motortrucks, aircraft, etc., or pipeline systems
    § 18.2-147.2
    Devices for puncturing motor vehicle tires
    § 18.2-148
    Bona fide repossession under lien
    § 18.2-149
    Injury to hired animal, aircraft, vehicle or boat
    § 18.2-150
    Willfully destroying vessel, etc.
    § 18.2-151
    Opening or carrying away pumps, etc., used for dispensing gasoline, etc.
    § 18.2-151.1
    Injuring, destroying, removing, or tampering with firefighting equipment; penalty
    § 18.2-152
    Stealing from or tampering with parking meter, vending machine, pay telephone, etc.
  • Article 7.2.
    Fraudulent Procurement, Sale, or Receipt of Telephone Records
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  • § 18.2-152.17
    Fraudulent procurement, sale, or receipt of telephone records
  • Article 8.
    Offenses Relating to Railroads and Other Utilities
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  • § 18.2-153
    Obstructing or injuring canal, railroad, power line, etc.
    § 18.2-154
    Shooting at or throwing missiles, etc., at train, car, vessel, etc.; penalty
    § 18.2-155
    Injuring, etc., signal used by railroad
    § 18.2-156
    Taking or removing waste or packing from journal boxes
    § 18.2-157
    Injury to fences or cattle stops along line of railroad
    § 18.2-158
    Driving, etc., animal on track to recover damages
    § 18.2-159
    Trespassing on railroad track
    § 18.2-160
    Trespassing on railroad trains
    § 18.2-160.1
    Boarding or riding transportation district train without lawful payment of fare; penalty
    § 18.2-160.2
    Trespassing on public transportation; penalty
    § 18.2-160.3
    Fare enforcement inspectors; failure to produce proof of payment of fare; penalty
    § 18.2-161
    § 18.2-162
    Damage or trespass to public services or utilities
    § 18.2-162.1
    Diverting wastewater line; diverting or wasting public water supply
    § 18.2-163
    Tampering with metering device; diverting service; civil liability
    § 18.2-164
    Unlawful use of, or injury to, telephone and telegraph lines; copying or obstructing messages; penalty
    § 18.2-165
    Unlawful use of, or injury to, television or radio signals and equipment
    § 18.2-165.1
    Tampering with or unlawful use of cable television service
    § 18.2-165.2
    Unlawful interference with emergency two-way radio communications; penalty
    § 18.2-166
    Disclosing or inducing disclosure of certain information concerning customers of telephone companies
    § 18.2-167
    Selling or transferring certain telephonic instruments
    § 18.2-167.1
    Interception or monitoring of customer telephone calls; penalty