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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 30. Department of Medical Assistance Services

Chapter 90. Methods and Standards for Establishing Payment Rates for Long-Term CareRead Chapter

Section 10
Methods and standards for establishing payment rates for long-term care
Section 11
Public comment process
Section 19
Supplemental payments for government-owned nursing facilities
Section 20
Section 21
Reimbursement for individuals in a disaster struck nursing facility
Section 29
Transition to new capital payment methodology
Section 30
Plant cost
Section 31
New nursing facilities and bed additions
Section 32
Major capital expenditures
Section 33
Section 34
Purchases of nursing facilities (NF)
Section 35
General applicability
Section 36
Nursing facility capital payment methodology
Section 37
Calculation of FRV per diem rate for capital; calculation of FRV rental amount; change of ownership
Section 38
Schedule of assets reporting
Section 39
Purchases of nursing facilities (NF)
Section 40
Operating cost
Section 41
Nursing facility reimbursement formula
Section 42
Section 44
Nursing facility price-based payment methodology
Section 45
Supplemental payments for state-owned nursing facilities
Section 46
Section 47
Section 48
Section 49
Section 50
Allowable costs
Section 51
Purchases/related organizations
Section 52
Administrator/owner compensation
Section 53
Section 54
Section 55
Provider payments
Section 56
Legal fees/accounting
Section 57
Section 58
Fraud and abuse
Section 59
Section 60
Interim rate
Section 65
Final rate and effective for dates of services beginning July 1, 2001, through June 30, 2014
Section 70
Cost report submission
Section 75
Reporting form; accounting method; cost report extensions; fiscal year changes
Section 80
Time frames
Section 90
Retrospective rates
Section 100
Section 110
Record retention
Section 120
Audit overview; scope of audit
Section 121
Field audit requirements
Section 122
Provider notification
Section 123
Field audit exit conference
Section 124
Audit delay
Section 125
Field audit time frames
Section 126
Section 130
Section 136
Elements of capital payment methodology not subject to appeal
Section 137
Section 140
Individual expense limitation
Section 150
Cost report preparation instructions
Section 160
Stock acquisition; merger of unrelated and related parties
Section 165
Stock acquisition; merger of unrelated and related parties
Section 170
NATCEPs costs
Section 180
Criminal records checks
Section 190
Use of MMR-240
Section 200
Commingled investment income
Section 210
Provider notification
Section 220
Start-up costs
Section 221
Time frames
Section 222
Organizational costs
Section 223
Section 230
Access to records
Section 240
Home office operating costs
Section 250
Lump sum payment
Section 251
Section 252
Payment schedule
Section 253
Extension request documentation
Section 254
Interest charge on extended repayment
Section 255
Section 257
Credit balance reporting
Section 258
Section 260
Section 264
Specialized care services
Section 266
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) payment
Section 267
Private room differential
Section 270
Uniform Expense Classification
Section 271
Direct patient care operating
Section 272
Indirect patient care operating costs
Section 273
Plant costs
Section 274
Nonallowable expenses
Section 275
Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs (NATCEPs) costs
Section 276
Criminal records background checks
Section 280
Leasing of facilities
Section 290
Cost reimbursement limitations
Section 300
Section 305
Resource Utilization Groups (RUGs)
Section 306
Case-mix index (CMI)
Section 307
Applicability of case-mix indices (CMI)
Section 310
Normalized Case Mix Index (NCMI)
Section 320
National RUG-III categories and weights
Section 330
Traumatic brain injury diagnoses
FORMS (12VAC30-90)

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