Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 18. Professional and Occupational Licensing
Agency 110. Board of Pharmacy

Chapter 20. Regulations Governing the Practice of PharmacyRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 15
Section 20
Section 21
Section 22
Section 25
Unprofessional conduct
Section 30
Section 40
Section 50
Section 60
Section 70
Section 75
Section 80
Section 90
Section 100
Section 101
Section 102
Section 103
Section 104
Section 105
Section 106
Section 110
Pharmacy permits generally
Section 111
Pharmacy technicians
Section 112
Supervision of pharmacy technicians
Section 120
Special or limited-use pharmacy permits
Section 121
Innovative program approval
Section 130
Pharmacy closings; going out of business; change of ownership
Section 135
Change of hours in an existing pharmacy
Section 140
New pharmacies, acquisitions, and changes to existing pharmacies
Section 150
Physical standards for all pharmacies
Section 160
Sanitary conditions
Section 170
Required minimum equipment or resources
Section 180
Security system
Section 190
Prescription department enclosures; access to prescription department
Section 200
Storage of drugs, devices, and controlled paraphernalia; expired drugs
Section 210
Disposal of drugs by pharmacies
Section 211
Disposal of drugs by authorized collectors
Section 215
Outsourcing facilities
Section 220
General requirements for pharmacies providing radiopharmaceutical services
Section 230
Section 240
Manner of maintaining records, prescriptions, inventory records
Section 250
Automated data processing records of prescriptions
Section 255
Other dispensing records
Section 260
Section 270
Dispensing of prescriptions; certification of completed prescriptions
Section 275
Delivery of dispensed prescriptions
Section 276
Central or remote processing
Section 280
Transmission of a prescription order by facsimile device
Section 285
Electronic transmission of prescriptions from prescriber to pharmacy
Section 286
Chart orders for outpatients
Section 290
Dispensing of Schedule II drugs
Section 300
Section 310
Partial dispensing of Schedule II prescriptions
Section 320
Dispensing or refilling of Schedules III through VI prescriptions
Section 321
Section 322
Placement of chemicals in Schedule I
Section 323
Scheduling for conformity with federal law or rule
Section 330
Labeling of prescription as to content and quantity
Section 340
Packaging standards for dispensed prescriptions
Section 350
Special packaging
Section 355
Pharmacy repackaging of drug; records required; labeling requirements
Section 360
Issuing a copy of a prescription that can be filed or refilled
Section 370
Section 390
Kickbacks, fee-splitting, interference with supplier
Section 391
Prescription blanks
Section 395
Purchase of drugs
Section 400
Returning of drugs and devices
Section 410
Permitted physician licensed by the board
Section 411
Section 412
Section 413
Section 414
Section 415
Section 416
Section 417
Section 418
Continuous quality improvement programs
Section 419
Section 420
Unit dose dispensing system
Section 425
Robotic pharmacy systems
Section 430
Section 440
Responsibilities of the pharmacist-in-charge
Section 450
After-hours access to the pharmacy
Section 460
Floor stock drugs; proof of delivery; distribution records
Section 470
Emergency room
Section 480
Section 490
Automated devices for dispensing and administration of drugs
Section 500
Licensed emergency medical services (EMS) agencies program
Section 510
Identification for medical intern or resident prescription form in hospitals
Section 515
Remote prescription order processing for hospitals and long-term care facilities
Section 520
Drugs in long-term care facilities
Section 530
Pharmacy's responsibilities to long-term care facilities
Section 535
Repackaging of already dispensed prescriptions
Section 536
Prescription drugs sent outside the facility
Section 540
Emergency drug kit
Section 550
Stat-drug box
Section 555
Use of automated dispensing devices
Section 560
Floor stock
Section 570
Drugs in infirmaries or first-aid rooms
Section 580
Animal shelters
Section 590
Drugs in correctional facilities
Section 600
Excluded substances
Section 610
Exempted chemical preparations
Section 620
Exempted prescription products
Section 621
Exempted anabolic steroid products
Section 622
Excluded veterinary anabolic steroid implant products
Section 630
Issuance of a permit as a medical equipment supplier
Section 640
Section 650
Section 660
Section 680
Medical equipment suppliers
Section 685
Definitions for controlled substances registration
Section 690
Persons or entities authorized or required to obtain a controlled substances registration
Section 700
Requirements for supervision for controlled substances registrants
Section 710
Requirements for storage and security for controlled substances registrants
Section 720
Requirements for recordkeeping
Section 725
Repackaging by a CSB, BHA, or PACE site
Section 726
Criteria for approval of repackaging training programs
Section 727
Pharmacists repackaging for clients of a CSB, BHA, or PACE
Section 728
Drugs for immediate treatment in crisis stabilization units
Section 730
Requirements for practitioner of medicine or osteopathy in free clinics
Section 735
Requirements for dispensing of naloxone by trained individuals
Section 740
Drug donation sites
Section 750
Eligible drugs
Section 760
Procedures for collecting eligible donated drugs
Section 770
Procedure for transferring donated prescription drugs
Section 780
Procedure for dispensing donated prescription drugs
Section 790
Procedures for disposing of donated prescription drugs
Section 800
FORMS (18VAC110-20)

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