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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 9. Environment
Agency 25. State Water Control Board

Chapter 870. Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) RegulationRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 15
Applicability of incorporated references based on the dates that they became effective
Section 20
Section 30
Section 40
Section 45
Implementation date
Section 46
General objectives
Section 47
Applicability of other laws and regulations; time limits on applicability of approved design criteria
Section 48
Section 51
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act land-disturbing activity
Section 52
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act land-disturbing activities in rural Tidewater localities
Section 53
Section 54
Stormwater pollution prevention plan requirements
Section 55
Stormwater management plans
Section 56
Pollution prevention plans
Section 57
Requesting an exception
Section 58
Responsibility for long-term maintenance of permanent stormwater management facilities
Section 59
Applying for state permit coverage
Section 62
Section 63
Water quality design criteria requirements
Section 65
Water quality compliance
Section 66
Water quantity
Section 69
Offsite compliance options.
Section 72
Design storms and hydrologic methods
Section 74
Stormwater harvesting
Section 76
Linear development projects
Section 85
Stormwater management impoundment structures or facilities
Section 92
Comprehensive stormwater management plans
Section 93
Section 94
Section 95
Section 96
Water quality
Section 97
Stream channel erosion
Section 98
Section 99
Regional (watershed-wide) stormwater management plans
Section 100
Section 102
Section 103
Requirements for Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act land-disturbing activities
Section 104
Criteria for programs operated by a VSMP authority
Section 106
Additional requirements for VSMP authorities
Section 108
Stormwater management plan review
Section 112
Long-term maintenance of permanent stormwater management facilities
Section 114
Section 116
Section 118
Section 122
Section 126
Reports and recordkeeping
Section 142
Authority and applicability
Section 144
Virginia stormwater management program review
Section 146
Authority and applicability
Section 148
Virginia stormwater management program administrative requirements
Section 150
Authorization procedures for Virginia stormwater management programs
Section 160
Technical criteria and requirements for state projects
Section 170
Requirements for state stormwater management annual standards and specifications
Section 180
Administrative procedures: stormwater management permit applications
Section 190
Section 200
Administrative procedures: maintenance and inspections
Section 210
Reporting on stormwater management
Section 220
through 9VAC25-870-290. (Reserved)
Section 300
Section 310
Section 320
Effect of a state permit
Section 330
Continuation of expiring state permits
Section 340
Confidentiality of information
Section 350
Guidance documents
Section 360
Application for a state permit
Section 370
Signatories to state permit applications and reports
Section 380
Stormwater discharges
Section 390
Effluent sampling procedures
Section 400
Small municipal separate storm sewer systems
Section 410
General permits
Section 420
New sources and new discharges
Section 430
Conditions applicable to all state permits
Section 440
Additional conditions applicable to municipal separate storm sewer state permits
Section 450
Establishing state permit conditions
Section 460
Establishing limitations, standards, and other state permit conditions
Section 470
Calculating state permit conditions
Section 480
Duration of state permits
Section 490
Schedules of compliance
Section 500
Draft state permits
Section 510
Statement of basis
Section 520
Fact sheet
Section 530
Public notice of draft state permit actions and public comment period
Section 540
Public comments and requests for public hearings
Section 550
Public hearings
Section 560
Response to comments
Section 570
Conditions requested by the Corps of Engineers and other government agencies
Section 580
Decision on variances
Section 590
Appeals of variances
Section 600
Computation of time
Section 610
Modification, revocation and reissuance, or termination of state permits
Section 620
Transfer of state permits
Section 630
Modification or revocation and reissuance of state permits
Section 640
Minor modifications of individual state permits
Section 650
Termination of state permits
Section 660
Section 670
Delegation of authority
Section 680
Section 690
Section 700
Section 720
Section 730
Section 740
Section 750
Due dates for state permits
Section 760
Method of payment
Section 770
Incomplete and late payments
Section 780
Deposit and use of fees
Section 790
Section 800
Fee schedules for municipal separate storm sewer system new state permit issuance
Section 810
Fee schedules for major modification of MS4 individual permits requested by the operator
Section 820
Fees for an individual permit or coverage under the General Permit for Discharges of Stormwater from Construction Activities
Section 825
Fees for the modification or transfer of individual permits or of registration statements for the General Permit for Discharges of Stormwater from...
Section 830
State permit maintenance fees
FORMS (9VAC25-870)

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