Code of Virginia

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Chapter 10.
Crimes Against the Administration of Justice
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  • Article 1.
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  • § 18.2-434
    What deemed perjury; punishment and penalty
    § 18.2-435
    Giving conflicting testimony on separate occasions as to same matter; indictment; sufficiency of evidence
    § 18.2-436
    Inducing another to give false testimony; sufficiency of evidence
    § 18.2-437
    Immunity of witnesses
  • Article 2.
    Bribery and Related Offenses
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  • § 18.2-438
    Bribes to officers or candidates for office
    § 18.2-439
    Acceptance of bribe by officer or candidate
    § 18.2-440
    Bribes to officers to prevent service of process
    § 18.2-441
    Giving bribes to, or receiving bribes by, commissioners, jurors, etc.
    § 18.2-441.1
    Bribery of witnesses
    § 18.2-442
    Bribery of participants in games, contests or sports
    § 18.2-443
    Solicitation or acceptance of bribes by participants or by managers, coaches or trainers
    § 18.2-444
    Corruptly influencing, or being influenced as, agents, etc.
    § 18.2-444.1
    § 18.2-444.2
    Giving or accepting a fee or gift for purposes of influencing decisions of financial institution
    § 18.2-445
    Immunity of witnesses
  • Article 5.
    Contempt of Court
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  • § 18.2-456
    Cases in which courts and judges may punish summarily for contempt
    § 18.2-457
    Fine and imprisonment by court limited unless jury impaneled
    § 18.2-458
    Power of judge of district court to punish for contempt
    § 18.2-459
    Appeal from sentence of such judge
  • Article 6.
    Interference with Administration of Justice
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  • § 18.2-460
    Obstructing justice; resisting arrest; fleeing from a law-enforcement officer; penalties
    § 18.2-460.1
    Unlawful disclosure of existence of order authorizing wire or oral interception of communication
    § 18.2-461
    Falsely summoning or giving false reports to law-enforcement officials
    § 18.2-462
    Concealing or compounding offenses; penalties
    § 18.2-462.1
    Use of police radio during commission of crime
    § 18.2-463
    Refusal to aid officer in execution of his office
    § 18.2-464
    Failure to obey order of conservator of the peace
    § 18.2-465
    Officer summoning juror to act impartially
    § 18.2-465.1
    Penalizing employee for court appearance or service on jury panel
    § 18.2-466
    Corruptly procuring juror to be summoned
    § 18.2-467
    Fraud in drawing jurors, etc.
    § 18.2-468
    Making sound recordings of jury deliberations
    § 18.2-469
    Officer refusing, delaying, etc., to execute process for criminal
    § 18.2-470
    Extortion by officer
    § 18.2-471
    Fraudulent issue of fee bills
    § 18.2-471.1
    Destruction of human biological evidence; penalty
    § 18.2-472
    False entries or destruction of records by officers
    § 18.2-472.1
    Providing false information or failing to provide registration information; penalty; prima facie evidence
  • Article 7.
    Escape of, Communications with and Deliveries to Prisoners
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  • § 18.2-473
    Persons aiding escape of prisoner or child
    § 18.2-473.1
    Communication with prisoners or committed person; penalty
    § 18.2-473.2
    Covering a security camera in a correctional facility; penalty
    § 18.2-474
    Delivery of articles to prisoners or committed person
    § 18.2-474.1
    Delivery of drugs, firearms, explosives, etc., to prisoners or committed persons
    § 18.2-474.2
    Bribery in correctional facilities; penalty
    § 18.2-475
    Officers, etc., voluntarily allowing person convicted, charged, or adjudicated delinquent of felony to escape; penalty
    § 18.2-476
    Officers, etc., willfully and deliberately permitting person convicted of, charged with, or adjudicated delinquent of a nonfelonious offense to escape or willfully refusing to receive person; penalty
    § 18.2-477
    Prisoner escaping from jail; how punished
    § 18.2-477.1
    Escapes from juvenile facility; penalty
    § 18.2-477.2
    Punishment for certain offenses committed within a secure juvenile facility or detention home
    § 18.2-478
    Escape from jail or custody by force or violence without setting fire to jail
    § 18.2-479
    Escape without force or violence or setting fire to jail
    § 18.2-479.1
    § 18.2-480
    Escape, etc., by setting fire to jail
    § 18.2-480.1
    Admissibility of records of Department of Corrections in escape cases