Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6. Titling and Registration of Motor VehiclesRead Chapter

  • Article 1. Titling and Registration, GenerallyRead all
  • § 46.2-600
    Owner to secure registration and certificate of title or certificate of ownership
    § 46.2-600.1
    Indication of special communication needs
    § 46.2-601
    Appointment of Commissioner agent for service of process
    § 46.2-602
    Titling and registration of foreign market vehicles
    § 46.2-602.1
    Titling and registration of replica vehicles
    § 46.2-602.2
    Titling and registration of company vehicles of automotive manufacturers
    § 46.2-602.3
    Titling and registration of converted electric vehicles
    § 46.2-602.4
    Titling and registration of off-road motorcycle converted to on-road use
    § 46.2-603
    Issuance of certificate of title and registration card
    § 46.2-603.1
    Electronic titling program
    § 46.2-604
    Contents of registration card and certificate; vehicle color data; notation of certain disabled owners
    § 46.2-605
    Altering or forging certificate of title, salvage/nonrepairable certificate, or registration card; penalty
    § 46.2-606
    Notice of change of address
    § 46.2-607
    Duplicates for lost or mutilated indicia of titling and registration
    § 46.2-608
    When application for registration or certificate of title rejected
    § 46.2-609
    When registration may be suspended or revoked
    § 46.2-610
    Suspension of registration on theft or embezzlement of vehicle; notices
    § 46.2-611
    § 46.2-612
    Failure to surrender revoked certificate of title, registration card, license plates or decals; other offenses relating to registration, licensing, and certificates of title; penalties
    § 46.2-613
    Infractions relating to registration, licensing, and certificates of title; penalties
    § 46.2-613.1
    Civil penalty for violation of license, registration, and tax requirements and vehicle size limitations
    § 46.2-613.2
    Service of process in civil penalty cases for violation of license, registration, and tax requirements and vehicle size limitations
    § 46.2-613.3
    Special processing provisions for civil penalties levied for violation of license, registration, and tax requirements and vehicle size limitations
    § 46.2-613.4
    Special seizure provisions for unpaid fees and penalties
    § 46.2-613.5
    Procedures for issuing and serving process in civil penalty cases
    § 46.2-614
    Right to recover damages not affected
    § 46.2-615
    Registration effective after death of owner
  • Article 2. Titling VehiclesRead all
  • § 46.2-616
    Acquiring vehicle from vendor who does not have certificate of title
    § 46.2-617
    Sale of vehicle without certificate of title
    § 46.2-618
    When unlawful to have in possession certificate of title issued to another; remedy of purchaser against persons in possession of title of vehicle purchased from dealer
    § 46.2-619
    New indicia of title; procedure as to leased vehicles
    § 46.2-620
    Period of validity of certificate of title
    § 46.2-621
    Application for certificate of title
    § 46.2-621.1
    Correcting errors in titling
    § 46.2-622
    Issuance of certificate of title in names of joint owners
    § 46.2-623
    Statements in application
    § 46.2-624
    Information required on vehicles damaged by water
    § 46.2-625
    Specially constructed, reconstructed, replica, converted electric, or foreign vehicles
    § 46.2-626
    § 46.2-626.1
    Motorcycle purchased by manufacturer for parts; documentation required for sale of parts
    § 46.2-627
    Fee for certificate of title; use in special fund
    § 46.2-628
    How certificate of title transferred
    § 46.2-629
    Odometer reading to be reported on certificate of title, application, or power of attorney
    § 46.2-630
    Transfer and application for certificate of title forwarded to Department
    § 46.2-631
    When transferred certificate of title need not be forwarded
    § 46.2-632
    Transfer when certificate of title lost
    § 46.2-633
    Transfer of title by operation of law
    § 46.2-633.1
    Sale in Virginia of vehicle repossessed in another state
    § 46.2-633.2
    Transfer of title on death
    § 46.2-634
    Transfer of title when no qualification on estate
    § 46.2-635
    Surrender of certificates for vehicles to be demolished; securing new title certificates
    § 46.2-636
    Certificate to show security interests
    § 46.2-636.1
    Security interests in farm tractors and special construction and forestry equipment
    § 46.2-637
    Security interests subsequently created
    § 46.2-638
    Certificate as notice of security interest
    § 46.2-639
    Security interest may be filed within thirty days after purchase
    § 46.2-640
    Priority of security interests shown on certificates of title
    § 46.2-640.1
    Vehicle leases that are not sales or security interests
    § 46.2-641
    Who to hold certificate of title subject to security interest
    § 46.2-642
    Release of security interest shown on certificate of title
    § 46.2-643
    Surrender of certificate of title required when security interest paid
    § 46.2-644
    Levy of execution
    § 46.2-644.01
    Lien of keeper of garage
    § 46.2-644.02
    Lien of mechanic for repairs
    § 46.2-644.03
    Enforcement of liens acquired under §§ 46.2-644.01 and 46.2-644.02 and of liens of bailees
  • Article 2.1. All-Terrain Vehicle and Off-Road Motorcycle Certificates of TitleRead all
  • § 46.2-644.1
    Titling of all-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles
    § 46.2-644.2
    Department's records; fees; exemption
    § 46.2-644.3
    Acquisition of all-terrain vehicle or off-road motorcycle by dealer
  • Article 3. Registration of VehiclesRead all
  • § 46.2-645
    Registration of vehicles
    § 46.2-646
    (Effective until March 1, 2021) Expiration and renewal of registration
    § 46.2-646
    (Effective March 1, 2021) Expiration and renewal of registration
    § 46.2-646.1
    Deactivation and reactivation of registration; fees
    § 46.2-646.2
    Registration extension for satisfaction of certain requirements
    § 46.2-647
    Grace period for replacement of license plates or decals and renewal of registrations
    § 46.2-648
    Registration of logging vehicles
    § 46.2-648.1
    Optional registration of tow dolly and converter gear
    § 46.2-649
    Certain vehicles required to show evidence of payment of taxes and of registration or exemption from registration with Department of Motor Vehicles
    § 46.2-649.1
    Registration of tow trucks; fees
    § 46.2-649.1:1
    Registration of vehicles owned and used by volunteer fire departments or volunteer, commercial, or private emergency medical services agencies
    § 46.2-649.2
    Certain vehicles to comply with clean alternative fuel fleet standards prior to registration; penalty
    § 46.2-649.3
    Registration of covered farm vehicles
    § 46.2-649.4
    Covered farm vehicles; exemptions
  • Article 4. Temporary RegistrationRead all
  • § 46.2-650
    Temporary permits or duplicate applications
    § 46.2-651
    Trip permits; regulations; fees
    § 46.2-652
    Temporary registration or permit for oversize vehicles; fees
    § 46.2-652.1
    Temporary registration or permit for overweight vehicles; fees
    § 46.2-653
    Temporary registration or permit for transportation of manufactured homes exceeding the size permitted by law
    § 46.2-653.1
    Conversion of manufactured home to real property
    § 46.2-654
    Issuance of temporary registration certificates by motor vehicle auctions
    § 46.2-654.1
    Temporary registration issued for purchasers of motor vehicles from motor vehicle dealers who are no longer engaged in business and title is held by person other than dealer
    § 46.2-654.2
    Temporary registration of fleet vehicles; penalty
  • Article 6. Exemptions from RegistrationRead all
  • § 46.2-662
    Temporary exemption for new resident operating vehicle registered in another state or country
    § 46.2-663
    § 46.2-664
    Vehicles used for spraying fruit trees and other plants
    § 46.2-665
    Vehicles used for agricultural or horticultural purposes
    § 46.2-666
    Vehicles used for seasonal transportation of farm produce and livestock
    § 46.2-667
    Farm machinery and tractors
    § 46.2-668
    Vehicles validly registered in other states and used in conjunction with harvesting operations
    § 46.2-669
    Tractors and similar vehicles owned by sawmill operators
    § 46.2-670
    Vehicles owned by farmers and used to transport certain wood products
    § 46.2-670.1
    Vehicles owned by maritime cargo terminal operators
    § 46.2-671
    Vehicles used at mines
    § 46.2-672
    Certain vehicles transporting fertilizer, cotton, or peanuts
    § 46.2-673
    Return trips of exempted farm vehicles
    § 46.2-674
    Vehicles used by commercial fishermen
    § 46.2-675
    Certain vehicles engaged in mining or quarrying operations; permit when such vehicle required to cross public highways
    § 46.2-676
    Registration certificate, license plates, or decals for any golf carts and utility vehicles; fees
    § 46.2-677
    Self-propelled wheelchairs
    § 46.2-678
    Forklift trucks
    § 46.2-679
    § 46.2-679.1
    All-terrain vehicles
    § 46.2-679.2
    Off-road motorcycles
    § 46.2-680
    Vehicles transporting oyster shells
    § 46.2-681
    § 46.2-682
    Tractors, rollers, and other machinery used for highway purposes
    § 46.2-683
    Traction engines; vehicles operating on rails
    § 46.2-684
    Nocturnal use of highways by exempted vehicles
    § 46.2-684.1
    Insurance coverage for exempted motor vehicles
  • Article 7. Fees for RegistrationRead all
  • § 46.2-685
    Payment of fees into special fund
    § 46.2-686
    Portion of certain fees to be paid into special fund
    § 46.2-687
    Failure to pay certain fees; penalty
    § 46.2-688
    Refund of fees paid
    § 46.2-689
    Refund of certain registration fees
    § 46.2-690
    Refund for certain for-hire vehicles
    § 46.2-691
    Credit to truck owner inducted into armed forces
    § 46.2-692
    Fee for replacement of lost, mutilated, or illegible indicia of titling and registration
    § 46.2-692.1
    Sample license plates; fee; use
    § 46.2-692.2
    Fee for exchange of license plates
    § 46.2-693
    Use of old plates and registration number on another vehicle
    § 46.2-694
    (Contingent expiration date) Fees for vehicles designed and used for transportation of passengers; weights used for computing fees; burden of proof
    § 46.2-694
    (Contingent effective date) Fees for vehicles designed and used for transportation of passengers; weights used for computing fees; burden of proof
    § 46.2-694.1
    (Contingent expiration date -- see note*) Fees for trailers and semitrailers not designed and used for transportation of passengers
    § 46.2-694.1
    (Contingent effective date -- see note*) Fees for trailers and semitrailers not designed and used for transportation of passengers
    § 46.2-695
    Small rented ridesharing vehicles
    § 46.2-696
    § 46.2-697
    (Contingent expiration date) Fees for vehicles not designed or used for transportation of passengers
    § 46.2-697
    (Contingent effective date — see Editor's note) Fees for vehicles not designed or used for transportation of passengers
    § 46.2-697.1
    § 46.2-697.2
    (Contingent expiration date — see Editor's note) Additional fees for vehicles not designed or used for transportation of passengers
    § 46.2-698
    (Contingent expiration date — see Acts 2019, cc. 837 and 846) Fees for farm vehicles
    § 46.2-698
    (Contingent effective date — see Acts 2019, cc. 837 and 846) Fees for farm vehicles
    § 46.2-699
    § 46.2-700
    Fees for vehicles for transporting well-drilling machinery and specialized mobile equipment
    § 46.2-701
    Combinations of tractor trucks and semitrailers; five-year registration of certain trailer fleets
    § 46.2-702
    Fees for service or wrecking vehicles
    § 46.2-702.1
    § 46.2-702.1:1
    § 46.2-702.2
    Fees for registration of vehicles specially equipped to accommodate persons with disabilities
    § 46.2-703
    Reciprocal agreement with other states; assessment and collection of fees on an apportionment or allocation basis; registration of vehicles and reporting of road tax; violations; vehicle seizures; penalties
    § 46.2-703.1
    Additional fee for fleets of vehicles registered under § 46.2-703
    § 46.2-704
    Prohibited operations; checking on weights; penalties
  • Article 8. Registration of Uninsured Motor VehiclesRead all
  • § 46.2-705
    § 46.2-706
    Additional fee; proof of insurance required of applicants for registration of insured motor vehicles; verification of insurance; suspension of driver's license, registration certificates, and license plates for certain violations
    § 46.2-706.1
    Insurance and surety companies to furnish certain insurance information
    § 46.2-707
    Operating uninsured motor vehicle without payment of fee; verification of insurance; false evidence of insurance
    § 46.2-707.1
    Noncompliance fee payment plan
    § 46.2-708
    Suspension of driver's license and registration when uninsured motor vehicle is involved in reportable accident; hearing prior to suspension
    § 46.2-709
    Requiring other proof of financial responsibility; suspended driver's license, registration certificate and license plates to be returned to Commissioner; Commissioner may take possession thereof
    § 46.2-710
    Disposition of funds collected
  • Article 9. License Plates, GenerallyRead all
  • § 46.2-711
    Furnishing number and design of plates; displaying on vehicles required
    § 46.2-712
    Requirements of license plates and decals
    § 46.2-713
    License plates and decals remain property of Department
    § 46.2-714
    Permanent license plates
    § 46.2-715
    Display of license plates
    § 46.2-716
    How license plates fastened to vehicle; altering appearance of license plates
    § 46.2-717
    § 46.2-718
    Use of old license plates or decals after application for new
    § 46.2-719
    Permit for emergency use of license plates
    § 46.2-720
    Use of license plates from another vehicle in certain circumstances
    § 46.2-721
    Application of liability insurance policy to vehicle carrying plates from insured vehicle
    § 46.2-722
    Altered or forged license plates or decals; use as evidence of knowledge
    § 46.2-723
    License plates for transporting mobile homes used as temporary offices at construction sites
    § 46.2-724
    Operation for hire of certain vehicles registered as not-for-hire; penalty
  • Article 11. State and Local Motor Vehicle RegistrationRead all
  • § 46.2-750
    Vehicles of Commonwealth, its political subdivisions, and regional jail authorities
    § 46.2-750.1
    Vehicles used for police work
    § 46.2-751
    State-owned passenger vehicles
    § 46.2-752
    Taxes and license fees imposed by counties, cities, and towns; limitations on amounts; disposition of revenues; requiring evidence of payment of personal property taxes and certain fines; prohibiting display of licenses after expiration; failure to display valid local license required by other localities; penalty
    § 46.2-752.1
    § 46.2-753
    Additional license fees in certain localities
    § 46.2-754
    Local motor vehicle licenses in Arlington County
    § 46.2-755
    Limitations on imposition of motor vehicle license taxes and fees
    § 46.2-755.1
    § 46.2-756
    Collection by Department of certain license fees