Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 16.1. Courts Not of Record

Chapter 11. Juvenile and Domestic Relations District CourtsRead Chapter

  • Article 2. Organization and PersonnelRead all
  • § 16.1-230
    Organization and operation of juvenile and domestic relations district courts
    § 16.1-231
    Rules of procedure
    § 16.1-232
    Attorney for the Commonwealth to prosecute certain cases and represent Commonwealth on appeal
    § 16.1-233
    Department to develop court services; court services units; appointment and removal of employees; salaries
    § 16.1-234
    Duties of Department; provision of quarters, utilities, and office equipment to court service unit
    § 16.1-235
    How probation, parole and related court services provided
    § 16.1-235.1
    Provision of court services; replacement intake officers
    § 16.1-236
    Supervisory officers
    § 16.1-236.1
    Court services unit directors
    § 16.1-237
    Powers, duties and functions of probation and parole officers
    § 16.1-238
    Compensation of probation officers, court service staff members and related court service personnel; reimbursement; traveling and other expenses
    § 16.1-239
    Payment of traveling expenses of court officers; reimbursement
    § 16.1-240
    Citizens advisory council
  • Article 6. Appointment of CounselRead all
  • § 16.1-266
    Appointment of counsel and guardian ad litem
    § 16.1-266.1
    Standards for attorneys appointed as guardians ad litem; list of qualified attorneys; attorneys appointed for parents or guardians
    § 16.1-266.2
    Appointment of pro bono counsel by judges of the First and Second Judicial District in certain cases
    § 16.1-267
    Compensation of appointed counsel
    § 16.1-268
    Order of appointment
  • Article 10. Probation and ParoleRead all
  • § 16.1-291
    Revocation or modification of probation, protective supervision or parole; proceedings; disposition
    § 16.1-292
    Violation of court order by any person
    § 16.1-293
    Supervision of juvenile or person during commitment and on parole; placing juvenile in halfway house
    § 16.1-293.1
    Mental health services transition plan
    § 16.1-294
    Placing child on parole in foster home or with institution; how cost paid
    § 16.1-295
    Transfer of supervision from one county or city to another, or to another state
  • Article 12. Confidentiality and ExpungementRead all
  • § 16.1-299
    Fingerprints and photographs of juveniles
    § 16.1-299.1
    Sample required for DNA analysis upon conviction or adjudication of felony
    § 16.1-299.2
    § 16.1-300
    Confidentiality of Department records
    § 16.1-301
    Confidentiality of juvenile law-enforcement records; disclosures to school principal and others
    § 16.1-302
    Dockets, indices and order books; when hearings and records private; right to public hearing; presence of juvenile in court
    § 16.1-302.1
    Right of victim or representative to attend certain proceedings; notice of hearings
    § 16.1-303
    Reports of court officials and employees when privileged
    § 16.1-304
    § 16.1-305
    Confidentiality of court records
    § 16.1-305.1
    Disclosure of disposition in certain delinquency cases
    § 16.1-305.2
    Disclosure of notice of the filing of a petition and certain reports by division superintendent
    § 16.1-306
    Expungement of court records
    § 16.1-307
    Circuit court records regarding juveniles
    § 16.1-308
    Effect of adjudication on status of child
    § 16.1-309
    § 16.1-309.1
    Exception as to confidentiality
  • Article 12.1. Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control ActRead all
  • § 16.1-309.2
    Purpose and intent
    § 16.1-309.3
    Establishment of a community-based system of services; biennial local plan; quarterly report
    § 16.1-309.4
    Statewide plan for juvenile services
    § 16.1-309.5
    Construction, etc., of detention homes and other facilities; reimbursement in part by Commonwealth
    § 16.1-309.6
    How state appropriations for operating costs of Juvenile Community Crime Control Act programs determined; notice of financial aid
    § 16.1-309.7
    Determination of payment
    § 16.1-309.8
    Costs of maintenance of juveniles in Community Crime Control Act programs
    § 16.1-309.9
    Establishment of standards; determination of compliance
    § 16.1-309.10
    Visitation and management of detention homes; other facilities; reports of superintendent
  • Article 13. Facilities for Detention and Other Residential CareRead all
  • § 16.1-310
    § 16.1-315
    Joint or regional citizen detention commissions authorized
    § 16.1-316
    Number and terms of members; admission of additional local governing bodies
    § 16.1-317
    Quorum; chairman; rules of procedure; compensation
    § 16.1-318
    Powers of commission generally; supervision by Director of Department of Juvenile Justice
    § 16.1-319
    Acquisition of property by commission
    § 16.1-320
    Property of commission exempt from execution and judgment liens
    § 16.1-321
    Appropriations by political subdivisions; issuance of bonds
    § 16.1-322
    Record of commission; reports
  • Article 13.1. Funding of Local Juvenile Facilities, Programs and Certain Court Service UnitsRead all
  • § 16.1-322.1
    Apportionment of funds to localities or commissions operating juvenile secure detention facilities or programs; standards for apportionment
    § 16.1-322.2
    Payment of funds quarterly; distribution and reallocation of reserve
    § 16.1-322.3
    Localities and commissions to make monthly reports to Director; penalty for willfully falsifying information; procedure when locality or commission fails to make report
    § 16.1-322.4
    Payments for children from other counties or cities
  • Article 13.2. Private Operation of Juvenile Detention FacilitiesRead all
  • § 16.1-322.5
    State Board may authorize private construction, operation, etc., of local or regional detention homes, etc.
    § 16.1-322.6
    Powers and duties not delegable to contractor
    § 16.1-322.7
    State Board to promulgate regulations
  • Article 14.1. Serious or Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action ProgramRead all
  • § 16.1-330.1
    Serious or Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program; definition; disclosure of information; penalty
    § 16.1-330.2
  • Article 15. Emancipation of MinorsRead all
  • § 16.1-331
    Petition for emancipation
    § 16.1-332
    Orders of court; investigation, report and appointment of counsel
    § 16.1-333
    Findings necessary to order that minor is emancipated
    § 16.1-333.1
    Written findings necessary to order that minor is emancipated on the basis of intent to marry
    § 16.1-334
    Effects of order
    § 16.1-334.1
    Identification card issued to minor by DMV
  • Article 17. Standby GuardianshipRead all
  • § 16.1-349
    § 16.1-350
    Petition for court approval of standby guardian
    § 16.1-351
    Court order approving standby guardianship; authority; when effective
    § 16.1-352
    Written designation of a standby guardian by a parent; commencement of authority; court approval required
    § 16.1-353
    Further proceedings to determine permanent guardianship, custody
    § 16.1-354
    Revocation, refusal, termination of standby guardianship
    § 16.1-355
    Review of standby guardianship
  • Article 18. Juvenile CompetencyRead all
  • § 16.1-356
    Raising question of competency to stand trial; evaluation and determination of competency
    § 16.1-357
    Disposition when juvenile found incompetent
    § 16.1-358
    Disposition of the unrestorably incompetent juvenile
    § 16.1-359
    Litigating certain issues when the juvenile is incompetent
    § 16.1-360
    Disclosure by juvenile during evaluation or restoration; use at guilt phase of trial adjudication or disposition hearing
    § 16.1-361
    Compensation of experts