Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 45.1. Mines and Mining
Chapter 14.4:1. Mineral Mine Safety Act

§ 45.1-161.292:37. Maps of mines required to be made; contents; extension and preservation; use by Department; release; posting of map.

A. Prior to commencing mining activity, the licensed operator of a mineral mine, or his agent, shall make, or cause to be made, unless already made and filed, an accurate map of such mine, on a scale to be stated thereon of 100 to 400 feet to the inch. Such map shall show the openings or excavations, the shafts, slopes, entries and airways, with darts or arrows showing direction of air currents, headings, rooms, pillars, permanent explosive magazines, permanent fuel storage facilities, and such portions of such mine or mines as may have been abandoned, and so much of the property lines and the outcrop of the mineral of the tract of land on which the mine is located, as may be within 1,000 feet of any part of the workings of such mine, and for underground mines only, the general inclination of the mineral strata. The licensed operator shall annually, beginning on the anniversary date of the mine permit issued pursuant to Chapter 16 (§ 45.1-180 et seq.), while the mine is in operation, cause the map thereof to be extended so as to accurately show the progress of the workings, and the property lines and outcrop as described above, and shall forward the same to the Department to be kept on record, subject to the conditions stated in subsection C. If there are no changes in the information required by this section, an updated map shall not be required to be submitted to the Department.

B. The licensed operator of any surface mineral mine, or his agent, shall not be required to submit a map of such mine to the Department unless the mine may intersect (i) underground workings or (ii) workings from auger, thin seam, or highwall mining operations. The map shall be filed and preserved among the records of the Department and made available at a reasonable cost to all persons owning, leasing, or residing on or having an equitable interest in surface areas or coal or mineral interests within 1,000 feet of such mining operation upon written proof satisfactory to the Director and upon sworn affidavit that such person requesting a map has a proper legal or equitable interest; however, the Director shall provide to the person requesting a map only that portion of the map which abuts or is contiguous to the property in which such requesting party has a legal or equitable interest. In no case shall any copy of the same be made for any other person without the consent of the licensed operator or his agent. The Director shall promptly deliver notice of such request to the licensed operator of such mining operation.

C. The original map, or a true copy thereof, shall be kept by such licensed operator at the active mine, open at all reasonable times for the examination and use of the mine inspector.

D. Copies of such maps shall be made available at a reasonable cost to the governing body of any county, city or town in which the mine is located upon written request; however, such copies shall be provided on the condition that they not be released to any person who does not have a legal or equitable interest in surface areas or mineral interests within 1,000 feet of the mining operation without the written consent of the licensed operator or his agent. The governing body shall promptly deliver notice of any request for a copy of such a map to the licensed operator or his agent.

1997, c. 390; 1998, c. 695.

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