Code of Virginia

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Chapter 21. Exploration for Uranium OreRead Chapter

§ 45.1-272
Legislative findings; declaration of policy [Not set out]
§ 45.1-273
§ 45.1-274
Permit for exploration activity required; fee
§ 45.1-275
Maps or plats of proposed exploration activity area
§ 45.1-276
Abandoning exploration hole; affidavits required
§ 45.1-277
§ 45.1-278
Developing exploration hole as water well
§ 45.1-279
Rules and regulations
§ 45.1-280
Right of inspection by Chief
§ 45.1-281
Administrative Process Act applicable
§ 45.1-282
§ 45.1-283
Uranium mining permit applications; when accepted; uranium mining deemed to have significant effect on surface
§ 45.1-284
State and local authority
§ 45.1-285
Confidentiality of logs, surveys and reports
§ 45.1-285.1
Findings; declaration of policy [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.2
Definitions [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.3
Uranium Administrative Group created; composition [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.4
Employment of consultants; other support [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.5
Duties of Group [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.6
Study criteria [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.7
Additional factors [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.8
Recommendations to the General Assembly [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.9
Study filing procedure [Not set out]
§ 45.1-285.10
Applicability of studies under this chapter to any future licensing proceedings [Not set out]