Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 55. Property and Conveyances

Chapter 1. Creation and Limitation of Estates; Their QualitiesRead Chapter

§ 55-1
Aliens may acquire, hold and transmit real estate; when reciprocity required
§ 55-2
When deed or will necessary to convey estate; no parol partition or gift valid
§ 55-3
When gift of goods or chattels invalid
§ 55-4
Suicide or attainder
§ 55-5
Estates to lie in grant as well as in livery
§ 55-6
Same estates may be created by deed as by will
§ 55-7
Power of disposal in life tenant not to defeat remainder unless exercised; power of disposal held by fiduciary
§ 55-7.1
§ 55-8
Default or surrender of tenant for life not to prejudice remainderman, etc.
§ 55-9
Conveyance of estate or interest in property by grantor to himself and another
§ 55-10
Deed good for grantor's right; operation of warranty
§ 55-11
Grant, etc., without words of limitation
§ 55-12
Fee tail converted into fee simple
§ 55-12.1
Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities
§ 55-12.2
When nonvested property interest or power of appointment created
§ 55-12.3
§ 55-12.4
Exclusions from statutory rule against perpetuities
§ 55-12.5
Prospective application
§ 55-12.6
Uniformity of application and construction
§ 55-13
Certain limitations construed
§ 55-13.1
Employee trusts
§ 55-13.2
Determination of "lives in being" for purpose of rule against perpetuities
§ 55-13.3
Application of the rule against perpetuities to nondonative transfers
§ 55-14
Estate of freehold to one with remainder to heirs, etc.; rule in Shelley's Case abolished
§ 55-14.1
Doctrine of worthier title abolished
§ 55-15
When contingent remainder not to fail
§ 55-16
When remainders not defeated
§ 55-17
In what conveyances possession transferred to the use
§ 55-17.1
Land trusts not to fail because no beneficiaries are specified by name and no duties laid on trustee; when interest of beneficiaries deemed personal property; liens
§ 55-18
Deed of release effectual
§ 55-19
§ 55-19.1
§ 55-19.2
§ 55-19.3
§ 55-19.5
Provision in certain trust void
§ 55-20
Survivorship between joint tenants abolished
§ 55-20.1
Joint ownership in real and personal property
§ 55-20.2
Tenants by the entireties in real and personal property; certain trusts
§ 55-21
Exceptions to § 55-20
§ 55-22
When person not a party, etc., may take or sue under instrument
§ 55-23
Informalities in deeds made by attorneys-in-fact
§ 55-24
Time for objections to irregularities in advertising sales made by trustees
§ 55-25
Recovery at death of life tenant of taxes paid on life estate
§ 55-25.1