Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 55. Property and Conveyances

Chapter 13. Landlord and TenantRead Chapter

§ 55-217
Applicability; right to terminate tenant
§ 55-217.1
Grantees and assignees to have same rights against lessees as lessors, etc.
§ 55-218
Lessees, etc., to have same rights against grantees, etc., as against lessors
§ 55-218.1
Appointment of resident agent by nonresident property owner; service of process, etc., on such agent or on Secretary of the Commonwealth
§ 55-219
Apportionment on purchase of part of land by holder of rent, etc.
§ 55-220
What powers to pass to grantee or devisee; when attornment unnecessary
§ 55-220.1
Perfection of lien or interest in leases, rents and profits
§ 55-221
When attornment void
§ 55-221.1
Community land trusts not considered landlords
§ 55-222
Notice to terminate a tenancy in nonresidential premises; notice of change in use of multifamily residential building
§ 55-222.1
§ 55-223
Effect of failure of tenant in nonresidential premises to vacate premises at expiration of term
§ 55-224
When tenant deserts nonresidential premises, how landlord may enter, etc.
§ 55-225
Failure to pay certain rents after five days' notice forfeits right of possession
§ 55-225.01
Sections applicable only to certain residential tenancies
§ 55-225.02
Definitions for residential dwelling units subject to this chapter
§ 55-225.1
Recovery of possession limited
§ 55-225.2
Remedies for landlord's unlawful ouster, exclusion or diminution of service
§ 55-225.3
Landlord to maintain dwelling unit
§ 55-225.4
Tenant to maintain dwelling unit
§ 55-225.5
Access following entry of certain court orders
§ 55-225.6
Inspection of dwelling unit
§ 55-225.7
Disclosure of mold in dwelling units
§ 55-225.8
§ 55-225.9
Relocation of tenant where mold remediation needs to be performed in the dwelling unit
§ 55-225.10
Notice to tenant in event of foreclosure
§ 55-225.11
Required disclosures for properties with defective drywall; remedy for nondisclosure
§ 55-225.11:1
Required disclosures for properties located adjacent to a military air installation; remedy for nondisclosure
§ 55-225.12
Tenant's assertion; rent escrow; dwelling units
§ 55-225.12:1
Wrongful failure to supply heat, water, hot water, or essential services
§ 55-225.13
Noncompliance by landlord in the rental of a dwelling unit
§ 55-225.13:1
Landlord's noncompliance as defense to action for possession for nonpayment of rent
§ 55-225.14
Rent escrow required for continuance of tenant's case in the rental of a dwelling unit
§ 55-225.15
Receipt required for certain rental payments; upon request
§ 55-225.16
Early termination of rental agreements by victims of family abuse, sexual abuse, or criminal sexual assault
§ 55-225.17
Required disclosures for property previously used to manufacture methamphetamine; remedy for nondisclosure
§ 55-225.18
Retaliatory conduct prohibited
§ 55-225.19
Security deposits
§ 55-225.20
§ 55-225.21
Application deposit and application fee
§ 55-225.22
Terms and conditions of rental agreement; copy for tenant; rental payments
§ 55-225.22:1
Prohibited provisions in rental agreements
§ 55-225.23
Prepaid rent; maintenance of escrow account
§ 55-225.24
Landlord may obtain certain insurance for tenant
§ 55-225.25
Effect of unsigned or undelivered rental agreement
§ 55-225.26
Confidentiality of tenant records
§ 55-225.27
Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access
§ 55-225.28
Actions to enforce remedies pertaining to residential tenancies
§ 55-225.29
§ 55-225.30
Notice to tenants for insecticide or pesticide use
§ 55-225.31
Limitation of liability
§ 55-225.32
Tenancy at will; effect of notice of change of terms or provisions of tenancy
§ 55-225.33
Rules and regulations
§ 55-225.34
Access; consent; correction of nonemergency conditions; relocation of tenant
§ 55-225.35
Fire or casualty damage
§ 55-225.36
Use and occupancy by tenant
§ 55-225.37
Tenant to surrender possession of dwelling unit
§ 55-225.38
Periodic tenancy; holdover remedies
§ 55-225.39
Remedies for absence, nonuse and abandonment
§ 55-225.40
Disposal of property abandoned by tenants
§ 55-225.41
Authority of sheriff to store and sell personal property removed from residential premises; recovery of possession by owner; disposition or sale
§ 55-225.42
Disposal of property of deceased tenants
§ 55-225.43
Noncompliance with rental agreement; monetary penalty
§ 55-225.44
Barring guest or invitee of tenants
§ 55-225.45
Sheriff authorized to serve certain notices; fees therefor
§ 55-225.46
Remedy by repair, etc.; emergencies
§ 55-225.47
Landlord's acceptance of rent with reservation
§ 55-225.48
Remedy after termination
§ 55-225.49
Early termination of rental agreement by military personnel
§ 55-225.50
Failure to deliver possession
§ 55-226
Nonresidential buildings destroyed or lessee deprived of possession; covenant to pay rent or repair; reduction of rent
§ 55-226.1
Security systems for commercial rental property
§ 55-226.2
Energy submetering, energy allocation equipment, sewer and water submetering equipment, ratio utility billings systems; local government fees
§ 55-227
Remedy for rent and for use and occupation
§ 55-228
Who may recover rent, etc.
§ 55-229
Who liable for rent
§ 55-230
When and by whom distress made
§ 55-230.1
Procedure for trial on warrant in distress
§ 55-231
On what goods levied; to what extent goods liable; priorities between landlord and other lienors
§ 55-232
Procedure when distress levied and tenant unable to give forthcoming bond; what defense may be made
§ 55-232.1
§ 55-232.2
Review of decision to issue ex parte order or process; claim of exemption
§ 55-233
On what terms purchasers and lienors inferior to landlord may remove goods; certain liens not affected
§ 55-234
When goods of an undertenant may be removed from leased premises
§ 55-235
When officer may enter by force to levy distress or attachment
§ 55-236
When distress not unlawful because of irregularity, etc.
§ 55-237
Return of execution; process of sale thereunder
§ 55-237.1
Authority of sheriffs to store and sell personal property removed from nonresidential premises; recovery of possession by owner; disposition or sale
§ 55-238
Remedy when rent is to be paid in other thing than money
§ 55-239
Proceedings to establish right of reentry, and judgment therefor
§ 55-240
When defendant barred of relief
§ 55-241
How trustee or mortgagee relieved from the forfeiture
§ 55-242
How owner, etc., relieved in equity
§ 55-243
How judgment of forfeiture prevented
§ 55-244
When suit for reentry brought
§ 55-245
Written act of reentry to be returned and recorded, and certificate thereof published
§ 55-246
Fee of clerk
§ 55-246.1
Who may recover rent or possession
§ 55-247
How person entitled, etc., to lands may be restored to his possession
§ 55-248
Limitation of suit, etc., against person in possession by reentry