Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 55. Property and Conveyances

Chapter 27.3. Real Estate Settlement AgentsRead Chapter

§ 55-525.16
§ 55-525.17
Limitation on applicability of chapter
§ 55-525.18
Scope of chapter; lay real estate settlement agents
§ 55-525.19
Persons who may act as a settlement agent
§ 55-525.20
Duties of settlement agents
§ 55-525.21
Persons prohibited from assisting or being employed by settlement agents
§ 55-525.22
Choice of settlement agent
§ 55-525.23
§ 55-525.24
Conditions for providing escrow, closing, or settlement services and for maintaining escrow accounts
§ 55-525.25
Falsifying settlement statements prohibited
§ 55-525.26
Separate charge for reporting transactions limited
§ 55-525.27
Record retention requirements
§ 55-525.28
Regulations and orders
§ 55-525.29
Accounting by title insurance companies
§ 55-525.30
Settlement agent registration requirements and compliance with unauthorized practice of law guidelines
§ 55-525.31
Penalties and liabilities
§ 55-525.32
Confidentiality of information obtained by the Commission