Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 55. Property and Conveyances

Chapter 4.2. Condominium ActRead Chapter

  • Article 3. Management of CondominiumRead all
  • § 55-79.73
    Bylaws to be recorded with declaration; contents; unit owners' association; executive organ; amendment of bylaws
    § 55-79.73:1
    Amendment to condominium instruments; consent of mortgagee
    § 55-79.73:2
    Reformation of declaration; judicial procedure
    § 55-79.74
    Control of condominium by declarant
    § 55-79.74:01
    Deposit of funds
    § 55-79.74:1
    Books, minutes and records; inspection
    § 55-79.74:2
    Management office
    § 55-79.74:3
    Transfer of special declarant rights
    § 55-79.74:4
    Declarants not succeeding to special declarant rights
    § 55-79.75
    Meetings of unit owners' associations and executive organ
    § 55-79.75:1
    Distribution of information by members
    § 55-79.75:2
    Display of the flag of the United States; necessary supporting structures; affirmative defense
    § 55-79.76
    Meetings of unit owners' associations and executive organ; quorums
    § 55-79.77
    Meetings of unit owners' associations and executive organ; voting by unit owners; proxies
    § 55-79.78
    § 55-79.79
    Upkeep of condominiums; warranty against structural defects; statute of limitations for warranty; warranty review committee
    § 55-79.80
    Control of common elements
    § 55-79.80:01
    Common elements; notice of pesticide application
    § 55-79.80:1
    Tort and contract liability; judgment lien
    § 55-79.80:2
    Suspension of services for failure to pay assessments; corrective action; assessment of charges for violations; notice; hearing; adoption and enforcement of rules
    § 55-79.80:3
    Power of unit owners' association to limit occupancy of a unit
    § 55-79.81
    § 55-79.82
    § 55-79.83
    Liability for common expenses; late fees
    § 55-79.83:1
    Reserves for capital components
    § 55-79.84
    Lien for assessments
    § 55-79.84:01
    Notice of sale under deed of trust
    § 55-79.84:1
    Bond to be posted by declarant
    § 55-79.85
    Restraints on alienation