Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 6. Criminal Justice and Corrections
Agency 15. Department of Corrections

Chapter 40. Minimum Standards for Jails and LockupsRead Chapter

Section 5
Compliance documentation
Section 10
Section 20
Section 30
Requirement for written statement
Section 40
Policy and procedures manual
Section 50
Chief executive officer
Section 60
Annual report
Section 70
Release of information
Section 80
Current and accurate inmate records
Section 90
Content of personal inmate records
Section 100
Daily logs
Section 110
Serious incident reports
Section 120
Section 130
Written grievance procedure
Section 140
Awareness of programs
Section 150
Inmate exercise
Section 155
Access to recreational activities
Section 160
Written procedures for release program eligibility criteria
Section 170
Written procedures for accountability of inmate participants
Section 180
Conditions for inmate participation in a work release program
Section 190
Conditions for inmate participation in educational release or rehabilitation release programs
Section 200
Section 210
Section 220
Removing inmate participants from program
Section 230
Written agreement with director
Section 240
Offender participation in compliance with appropriate criteria and approval
Section 250
Participation in religious services or counseling
Section 260
Social services and volunteer programs
Section 270
Coordination of volunteer program
Section 280
Availability and administration of educational services
Section 290
Provisions of reading materials
Section 300
Permission of reading materials
Section 310
Commissary services
Section 320
Licensed physician
Section 330
Restrictions on physician
Section 340
Health care provider and licensing, certification, and qualification of health care personnel.
Section 350
Private examination and treatment of inmates
Section 360
Twenty-four-hour emergency medical and mental health care
Section 370
Receiving and medical screening of inmates
Section 380
Inmate access to medical services
Section 390
Training and competency of staff
Section 393
Universal precautions
Section 395
Management of sharps
Section 400
Management of pharmaceuticals
Section 405
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Section 410
Inmate medical records
Section 420
Transfer of summaries of medical record
Section 430
Medical or pharmaceutical testing for experimental or research purposes
Section 440
Medical care provided by personnel other than physician
Section 450
Suicide prevention and intervention plan
Section 460
Section 470
Medical copayment
Section 480
Set fees required
Section 490
Policy and procedure information
Section 500
Inmates advised of procedures
Section 510
Ability to pay
Section 520
Acknowledgment in writing
Section 530
Accounting process
Section 540
Standards for food service equipment and personnel
Section 545
Standards for inmate food service workers
Section 550
Food service program
Section 560
Meals prepared, delivered and served under direct supervision of staff
Section 570
Records of meals served
Section 580
Food service program not a disciplinary measure
Section 590
Number and spacing of meals
Section 600
Correspondence privileges
Section 610
Volume and content of inmate mail
Section 620
Postage allowance
Section 630
Outgoing and incoming mail
Section 640
General and legal correspondence
Section 650
Notice of seizure of mail contraband
Section 660
Access to telephone facilities
Section 670
Delivery of emergency messages to inmates
Section 680
Visiting opportunities
Section 690
Approved items visitors may bring into facility
Section 700
Requirements of visitor registration and visitor searches
Section 710
Admitting individuals into jail
Section 720
Inmates confined to jail
Section 730
Telephone calls during the booking process
Section 740
Requirements for linens and towels
Section 750
Issuance of special and protective clothing
Section 760
Section 770
Provision of hygiene items
Section 780
Items inmates may retain
Section 790
Inventory of cash and personal property
Section 800
Accounting of inmate expenditures and receipts of money
Section 810
Return of inmate property and funds
Section 820
Section 830
Inmate handbook
Section 831
Fee for inmate keep
Section 833
Section 835
Section 840
Post to control security of jail
Section 850
Security of outside recreation
Section 860
Security of entrances and doors
Section 870
Security and storage of security devices
Section 880
Officer entry
Section 890
Mechanical audio communications system
Section 900
Examination and maintenance of security devices
Section 910
Searches of facility and inmates
Section 920
Section 930
Key and door control
Section 940
Culinary items
Section 945
Section 950
Flammable, toxic and caustic materials
Section 960
Functions of duty post
Section 970
Restriction of physical force
Section 980
Restraint equipment
Section 985
Restraint of pregnant offenders
Section 990
Administrative segregation
Section 1000
Physical living conditions for disciplinary detention and administrative segregation
Section 1010
Mental health inmates
Section 1020
Record of activities in disciplinary detention and administrative segregation
Section 1030
Assessment of inmates in disciplinary detention or administrative segregation
Section 1040
Staff training
Section 1045
Supervision of inmates
Section 1050
Supervisory inspection
Section 1060
Movement of inmates
Section 1070
Prohibition of inmate control over other inmates
Section 1080
Emergency plans and fire drills
Section 1090
Release of inmates
Section 1100
Fire safety inspections
Section 1110
Section 1111
Self-contained breathing apparatus
Section 1120
Mattresses, pillows and trash receptacles
Section 1130
Section 1140
Section 1150
Vermin and pest control
Section 1160
Appropriate lighting and heating
Section 1170
Water utilities
Section 1180
Special purpose area
Section 1190
Housing of juveniles
Section 1193
Separation of juveniles
Section 1195
Contact with juveniles
Section 1200
Isolation and segregation of juveniles
Section 1210
Section 1220
Section 1230
Search requirements
Section 1240
Inspection requirements
Section 1250
Commitment and release
Section 1260
Property and funds
Section 1270
Telephone calls during the admissions process
Section 1280
Juvenile detention
Section 1290
Separate housing
Section 1300
Protection of detainees
Section 1310
Emergency medical and mental health care
Section 1315
Supervision of detainees
Section 1320
Section 1330
Section 1340
Detainee control
Section 1350
Serious incident report
Section 1360
Detainee cleanliness
Section 1370
Facility cleanliness
Section 1380
Fire safety inspection

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