Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 5. Department of Health

Chapter 481. Virginia Radiation Protection RegulationsRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Section 30
Deliberate misconduct
Section 40
Section 50
Section 60
Section 70
Section 80
Section 90
Exemptions from regulatory requirements
Section 100
Section 110
Inspections and enforcement
Section 120
Section 130
Section 140
Prohibited uses
Section 150
Section 160
Effective date
Section 170
Removal of notices posted by agency prohibited
Section 180
Section 190
Additional regulatory requirements
Section 200
Section 210
Types of hearings
Section 220
Hearing as a matter of right
Section 230
Section 240
Units of exposure and dose
Section 250
Units of radioactivity
Section 260
Purpose and scope
Section 270
Section 280
Shielding plan review
Section 290
Registration of radiation machine facilities
Section 300
Issuance of registration certificate
Section 310
Renewal of registration and approval not implied
Section 320
Expiration of registration certificate
Section 330
Report of changes
Section 340
Private inspector qualifications
Section 350
Assembler or transfer obligation
Section 360
Reciprocal recognition of out-of-state radiation machines
Section 370
Certification of X-ray systems
Section 380
Purpose and scope
Section 390
Source material
Section 400
Radioactive material other than source material
Section 410
Types of licenses
Section 420
General licenses -- source material
Section 421
Requirements for license to initially transfer source material for use under the small quantities of source material general license
Section 430
General licenses -- radioactive material other than source material
Section 440
Filing application for specific licenses
Section 450
General requirements for the issuance of specific licenses
Section 451
Physical protection of Category 1 and Category 2 quantities of radioactive material
Section 460
Section 470
Special requirements for specific licenses of broad scope
Section 480
Special requirements for a specific license to manufacture, assemble, repair, or distribute commodities, products, or devices that contain ...
Section 490
Issuance of specific licenses
Section 500
Specific terms and conditions of licenses
Section 510
Expiration and termination of licenses and decommissioning of sites and separate building or outdoor areas
Section 520
Renewal of licenses
Section 530
Amendment of licenses at request of licensee
Section 540
Agency action on applications to renew or amend
Section 550
Persons possessing a license for source, byproduct, or special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form a critical mass on effective date
Section 560
Persons possessing NARM on effective date of these regulations
Section 570
Transfer of material
Section 571
Receipt, transfer and disposal records
Section 580
Modification and revocation of licenses
Section 590
Reciprocal recognition of licenses
Section 600
Section 610
Section 620
Section 630
Radiation protection programs
Section 640
Occupational dose limits for adults
Section 650
Compliance with requirements for summation of external and internal doses
Section 660
Determination of external dose from airborne radioactive material
Section 670
Determination of internal exposure
Section 680
Determination of prior occupational dose
Section 690
Planned special exposures
Section 700
Occupational dose limits for minors
Section 710
Dose to an embryo/fetus
Section 720
Dose limits for individual members of the public
Section 730
Compliance with dose limits for individual members of the public
Section 740
Testing for leakage or contamination of sealed sources
Section 750
Section 760
Conditions requiring individual monitoring of external and internal occupational dose
Section 770
Location of individual monitoring devices
Section 780
Control of access to high radiation areas
Section 790
Control of access to very high radiation areas
Section 800
Section 810
Use of process or other engineering controls
Section 820
Use of other controls
Section 830
Use of individual respiratory protection equipment
Section 840
Security and control of licensed or registered sources of radiation
Section 850
Radiation symbol; caution signs
Section 860
Posting requirements
Section 870
Exceptions to posting requirements
Section 880
Labeling containers and radiation machines
Section 890
Exemptions to labeling requirements
Section 900
Procedures for receiving and opening packages
Section 910
General requirements
Section 920
Method for obtaining approval of proposed disposal procedures
Section 930
Disposal by release into sanitary sewerage
Section 940
Treatment or disposal by incineration
Section 950
Disposal of specific wastes
Section 960
Transfer for disposal and manifests
Section 970
Compliance with environmental and health protection regulations
Section 971
Disposal of certain radioactive material
Section 980
General provisions
Section 990
Records of radiation protection programs
Section 1000
Records of surveys
Section 1010
Records of tests for leakage or contamination of sealed sources
Section 1020
Records of prior occupational dose
Section 1030
Records of planned special exposures
Section 1040
Records of individual monitoring results
Section 1050
Records of dose to individual members of the public
Section 1060
Records of waste disposal
Section 1070
Records of testing entry control devices for very high radiation areas
Section 1080
Form of records
Section 1090
Reports of stolen, lost, or missing licensed or registered sources of radiation
Section 1100
Notification of incidents
Section 1110
Reporting requirements
Section 1120
Reports of planned special exposures
Section 1130
Reports of individual monitoring
Section 1140
Notifications and reports to individuals
Section 1150
Reports of leaking or contaminated sealed sources
Section 1151
Reports of transactions involving nationally tracked sources
Section 1160
Section 1161
Radiological criteria for license termination
Section 1170
Section 1180
Section 1190
Section 1200
Licensing and registration requirements for industrial radiography operations
Section 1210
Performance requirements for industrial radiography equipment
Section 1220
Limits on external radiation levels from storage containers and source changers
Section 1230
Locking of sources of radiation, storage containers and source changers
Section 1240
Radiation survey instruments
Section 1250
Leak testing and replacement of sealed sources
Section 1260
Quarterly inventory
Section 1270
Inspection and maintenance of radiation machines, radiographic exposure devices, transport and storage containers, associated equipment, source ...
Section 1280
Permanent radiographic installations
Section 1290
Labeling, storage, and transportation
Section 1300
Conducting industrial radiographic operations
Section 1310
Radiation safety officer
Section 1320
Section 1330
Operating and emergency procedures
Section 1340
Supervision of radiographer's assistants
Section 1350
Personnel monitoring
Section 1360
Radiation surveys
Section 1370
Section 1380
Section 1390
Records for industrial radiography
Section 1400
Records of receipt and transfer of sources of radiation
Section 1410
Records of radiation survey instruments
Section 1420
Records of leak testing of sealed sources and devices containing DU
Section 1430
Records of quarterly inventory
Section 1440
Utilization logs
Section 1450
Records of inspection and maintenance of radiation machines, radiographic exposure devices, transport and storage containers, associated equipment,...
Section 1460
Records of alarm system and entrance control checks at permanent radiographic installations
Section 1470
Records of training and certification
Section 1480
Copies of operating and emergency procedures
Section 1490
Records of personnel monitoring
Section 1500
Records of radiation surveys
Section 1510
Form of records
Section 1520
Location of documents and records
Section 1530
Section 1540
Section 1550
Section 1560
Section 1570
Specific requirements for radiographic personnel performing industrial radiography
Section 1580
Section 1581
Purpose and scope
Section 1590
Section 1591
General and administrative requirements
Section 1600
Section 1601
General requirements for all diagnostic x-ray systems
Section 1610
Section 1611
Fluoroscopic equipment
Section 1620
Section 1621
Radiographic equipment
Section 1630
Section 1631
Intraoral dental radiographic equipment
Section 1640
Section 1641
Computed tomography equipment
Section 1650
Section 1651
Mammography requirements
Section 1653
Hand-held radiographic units
Section 1655
Bone densitometry
Section 1657
Quality assurance program
Section 1660
Purpose and scope
Section 1670
General requirements
Section 1680
Licensing and exemptions
Section 1690
Section 1700
Authority and responsibilities for the radiation protection programs and changes
Section 1710
Section 1720
Written directives
Section 1730
Procedures for administrations requiring a written directive
Section 1740
Suppliers for sealed sources or devices for medical use
Section 1750
Training for radiation safety officer
Section 1760
Training for an authorized medical physicist
Section 1770
Training for an authorized nuclear pharmacist
Section 1780
Training for experienced radiation safety officer, teletherapy or medical physicist, authorized nuclear pharmacist, and authorized user
Section 1790
Recentness of training
Section 1800
Possession, use, and calibration of instruments used to measure the activity of unsealed radioactive material
Section 1810
Section 1820
Determination of dosages of unsealed radioactive material for medical use
Section 1830
Authorization for calibration, transmission, and reference sources
Section 1840
Requirements for possession of sealed sources and brachytherapy sources
Section 1850
Labeling of vials and syringes
Section 1860
Surveys of ambient radiation exposure rate
Section 1870
Release of individuals containing unsealed radioactive material or implants containing radioactive material
Section 1880
Provision of mobile medical service
Section 1890
Section 1900
Use of unsealed radioactive material for uptake, dilution, and excretion studies for which a written directive is not required
Section 1910
Training for uptake, dilution, and excretion studies
Section 1920
Use of unsealed radioactive material for imaging and localization studies for which a written directive is not required
Section 1930
Permissible molybdenum-99, strontium-82, and strontium-85 concentrations.
Section 1940
Training for imaging and localization studies
Section 1950
Use of unsealed radioactive material for which a written directive is required
Section 1960
Safety instruction
Section 1970
Safety precautions
Section 1980
Training for use of unsealed radioactive material for which a written directive is required
Section 1990
Training for the oral administration of sodium iodide (I-131) requiring a written directive in quantities less than or equal to 33 mCi (1.22 GBq)
Section 2000
Training for the oral administration of sodium iodide (I-131) requiring a written directive in quantities greater than 33 mCi (1.22 GBq)
Section 2001
Training for the parenteral administration of unsealed radioactive material requiring a written directive
Section 2010
Use of sources for manual brachytherapy
Section 2011
Surveys after source implant and removal
Section 2012
Brachytherapy sources accountability
Section 2013
Safety instruction
Section 2014
Safety precautions
Section 2015
Calibration measurements of brachytherapy sources
Section 2016
Decay of strontium-90 sources for ophthalmic treatments
Section 2017
Therapy-related computer systems
Section 2018
Training for use of manual brachytherapy sources
Section 2019
Training for ophthalmic use of strontium-90
Section 2020
Use of sealed sources for diagnosis
Section 2030
Training for use of sealed sources for diagnosis
Section 2040
Training requirements and use of a sealed source in a remote afterloader unit, teletherapy unit, or gamma stereotactic radiosurgery unit
Section 2041
Surveys required
Section 2042
Installation, maintenance, adjustment, and repair
Section 2043
Safety procedures and instructions, and precautions for remote afterloader units, teletherapy units, and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units
Section 2044
Dosimetry equipment
Section 2045
Full calibration measurements
Section 2046
Periodic spot-checks
Section 2047
Additional technical requirements for mobile remote afterloader units
Section 2048
Five-year inspection for teletherapy and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units
Section 2049
Therapy-related computer systems
Section 2050
Section 2060
Other medical uses of radioactive material or radiation from radioactive materials
Section 2070
Section 2080
Section 2090
Purpose and scope
Section 2100
Equipment requirements
Section 2110
Area requirements
Section 2120
Operating requirements
Section 2130
Personnel requirements
Section 2140
Purpose and scope
Section 2150
Registration requirements
Section 2160
General requirements for the issuance of a registration for particle accelerators
Section 2170
Human use of particle accelerators
Section 2180
Section 2190
Shielding and safety design requirements
Section 2200
Particle accelerator controls and interlock systems
Section 2210
Warning devices
Section 2220
Operating procedures
Section 2230
Radiation monitoring requirements
Section 2240
Ventilation systems
Section 2250
Purpose and scope
Section 2260
Posting of notices to workers
Section 2270
Instructions to workers
Section 2280
Notifications and reports to individuals
Section 2290
Presence of representatives of licensees or registrants and workers during inspection
Section 2300
Consultation with workers during inspections
Section 2310
Requests by workers for inspections
Section 2320
Inspections not warranted; informal review
Section 2330
Purpose and scope
Section 2340
License required
Section 2350
Content of application
Section 2360
General information
Section 2370
Specific technical information
Section 2380
Technical analyses
Section 2390
Institutional information
Section 2400
Financial information
Section 2410
Requirements for issuance of a license
Section 2420
Conditions of licenses
Section 2430
Application for renewal or closure
Section 2440
Contents of application for site closure and stabilization
Section 2450
Post-closure observation and maintenance
Section 2460
Transfer of license
Section 2470
Termination of license
Section 2480
General requirement
Section 2490
Protection of the general population from releases of radioactivity
Section 2500
Protection of individuals from inadvertent intrusion
Section 2510
Protection of individuals during operations
Section 2520
Stability of the disposal site after closure
Section 2530
Disposal site suitability requirements for land disposal
Section 2540
Disposal site design for land disposal
Section 2550
Land disposal facility operation and disposal site closure
Section 2560
Environmental monitoring
Section 2570
Alternative requirements for design and operations
Section 2571
Waste classification
Section 2572
Waste characteristics
Section 2573
Section 2580
Institutional requirements
Section 2590
Alternative requirements for waste classification and characteristics
Section 2600
Applicant qualifications and assurances
Section 2610
Funding for disposal site closure and stabilization
Section 2620
Financial assurances for institutional controls
Section 2630
Maintenance of records, reports, and transfers
Section 2640
Tests on land disposal facilities
Section 2650
Agency inspections of land disposal facilities
Section 2660
Purpose and scope
Section 2670
Application for a specific license
Section 2680
Specific licenses for irradiators
Section 2690
Commencement of construction
Section 2700
Applications for exemptions
Section 2710
Request for written statements
Section 2720
Performance criteria for sealed sources
Section 2730
Access control
Section 2740
Section 2750
Fire protection
Section 2760
Radiation monitors
Section 2770
Control of source movement
Section 2780
Irradiator pools
Section 2790
Source rack protection
Section 2800
Power failures
Section 2810
Design requirements
Section 2820
Construction monitoring and acceptance testing
Section 2830
Section 2840
Operating and emergency procedures
Section 2850
Personnel monitoring
Section 2860
Radiation surveys
Section 2870
Detection of leaking sources
Section 2880
Inspection and maintenance
Section 2890
Pool water purity
Section 2900
Attendance during operation
Section 2910
Entering and leaving the radiation room
Section 2920
Irradiation of explosive or flammable materials
Section 2930
Records and retention periods
Section 2940
Section 2950
Purpose and scope
Section 2960
Requirement for license
Section 2970
Section 2980
Transportation of licensed material
Section 2990
General licenses for carriers
Section 3000
General license: NRC-approved packages
Section 3010
Previously approved packages
Section 3020
General License: United States Department of Transportation specification container
Section 3030
General license: use of foreign approved package
Section 3040
General license: fissile material
Section 3050
Section 3051
General license: plutonium-berylium special form material
Section 3060
Assumptions as to unknown properties of fissile material
Section 3070
Preliminary determinations
Section 3080
Routine determinations
Section 3090
Air transport of plutonium
Section 3091
Opening instructions.
Section 3100
Shipment records
Section 3110
Section 3120
Advance notification of transport of nuclear waste
Section 3130
Quality assurance
Section 3140
Section 3150
Section 3151
Section 3160
Agreement with well owner
Section 3170
Limits on levels of radiation
Section 3180
Storage precautions
Section 3190
Transport precautions
Section 3200
Radiation survey instruments
Section 3210
Leak testing of sealed sources
Section 3220
Physical inventory
Section 3230
Utilization records
Section 3240
Design, performance, and certification criteria for sealed sources used in downhole operations
Section 3241
Tritium neutron generator target sources
Section 3250
Section 3260
Inspection and maintenance
Section 3261
Radioactive markers
Section 3262
Uranium sinker bars
Section 3270
Training requirements
Section 3280
Operating and emergency procedures
Section 3290
Personnel monitoring
Section 3300
Section 3310
Handling tools
Section 3320
Subsurface tracer studies
Section 3330
Particle accelerators
Section 3340
Radiation surveys and contamination control
Section 3350
Documents and records required at field stations
Section 3360
Documents and records required at temporary jobsites
Section 3370
Notification of incidents, abandonment, and lost sources
Section 3380
Purpose and scope
Section 3390
General administrative requirements for facilities using therapeutic radiation machines
Section 3400
General technical requirements for facilities using therapeutic radiation machines
Section 3410
Quality management program
Section 3420
Therapeutic radiation machines of less than 500 kV
Section 3430
Therapeutic radiation machines - photon therapy systems (500 kV and above) and electron therapy systems (500 kV and above)
Section 3440
Calibration of survey instruments
Section 3450
Shielding and safety design requirements
Section 3451
Quality assurance for radiation therapy simulation systems
Section 3452
Electronic brachytherapy
Section 3453
Other use of electronically produced radiation to deliver therapeutic radiation dosage
Section 3460
Section 3470
Section 3480
Section 3490
Standards for radiation protection for TENORM
Section 3500
Protection of Workers During Operations
Section 3510
Release for unrestricted use
Section 3520
Disposal and transfer of waste for disposal
Section 3530
General license
Section 3540
Specific Licenses
Section 3550
Filing application for specific licenses
Section 3560
Requirements for the issuance of specific licenses
Section 3570
Safety Criteria for Products
Section 3580
Table of organ doses
Section 3590
Issuance of Specific Licenses
Section 3600
Conditions of specific licenses issued under 12VAC5-481-3560
Section 3610
Expiration and termination of specific licenses
Section 3620
Renewal of specific licenses
Section 3630
Amendment of specific licenses at request of licensee
Section 3640
Agency action on applications to renew and amend specific licenses
Section 3650
Modification and revocation of specific licenses
Section 3660
Reciprocal recognition of specific licenses
Section 3670
Section 3680
Assigned protection factors for respirators
Section 3690
Section 3700
Quantities of licensed materials requiring labeling
Section 3710
Requirements for transfers of low-level radioactive waste intended for disposal at licensed land disposal facilities and manifests
Section 3720
Exempt concentrations schedule
Section 3730
Exempt quantities
Section 3740
Quantities of radioactive materials requiring consideration of the need for an emergency plan for responding to a release
Section 3750
Quantities for use with decommissioning
Section 3760
Limits for broad scopes
Section 3770
Determination of A1 and A2
Section 3780
Nationally tracked source thresholds
FORMS (12VAC5-481)

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