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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Title 12. Health
Agency 5. Department of Health

Chapter 481.
Virginia Radiation Protection Regulations
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  • Part III.
    Licensing of Radioactive Material
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    • Article 3.
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    • Section 410
      Types of licenses
      Section 420
      General licenses -- source material
      Section 421
      Requirements for license to initially transfer source material for use under the small quantities of source material general license
      Section 430
      General licenses -- radioactive material other than source material
    • Article 4.
      Specific Licenses
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    • Section 440
      Filing application for specific licenses
      Section 450
      General requirements for the issuance of specific licenses
      Section 451
      Physical protection of Category 1 and Category 2 quantities of radioactive material
      Section 460
      Section 470
      Special requirements for specific licenses of broad scope
      Section 480
      Special requirements for a specific license to manufacture, assemble, repair, or distribute commodities, products, or devices that contain radioactive material
      Section 490
      Issuance of specific licenses
      Section 500
      Specific terms and conditions of licenses
      Section 510
      Expiration and termination of licenses and decommissioning of sites and separate building or outdoor areas
      Section 520
      Renewal of licenses
      Section 530
      Amendment of licenses at request of licensee
      Section 540
      Agency action on applications to renew or amend
    • Article 5.
      Licenses Held at the Time of the Effective Date of These Regulations
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    • Section 550
      Persons possessing a license for source, byproduct, or special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form a critical mass on effective date
      Section 560
      Persons possessing NARM on effective date of these regulations
    • Article 8.
      Modification and Revocation of Licenses
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    • Section 580
      Modification and revocation of licenses
  • Part VII.
    Use of Radionuclides in the Healing Arts
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    • Article 3.
      General Administrative Requirements
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    • Section 1700
      Authority and responsibilities for the radiation protection programs and changes
      Section 1710
      Section 1720
      Written directives
      Section 1730
      Procedures for administrations requiring a written directive
      Section 1740
      Suppliers for sealed sources or devices for medical use
      Section 1750
      Training for radiation safety officer and associate radiation safety officer
      Section 1760
      Training for an authorized medical physicist
      Section 1770
      Training for an authorized nuclear pharmacist
      Section 1780
      Training for experienced radiation safety officer, teletherapy or medical physicist, authorized medical physicist, nuclear pharmacist, authorized nuclear pharmacist, and authorized user
      Section 1790
      Recentness of training
    • Article 4.
      General Technical Requirements
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    • Section 1800
      Possession, use, and calibration of instruments used to measure the activity of unsealed radioactive material
      Section 1810
      Section 1820
      Determination of dosages of unsealed radioactive material for medical use
      Section 1830
      Authorization for calibration, transmission, and reference sources
      Section 1840
      Requirements for possession of sealed sources and brachytherapy sources
      Section 1850
      Labeling of vials and syringes
      Section 1860
      Surveys of ambient radiation exposure rate
      Section 1870
      Release of individuals containing unsealed radioactive material or implants containing radioactive material
      Section 1880
      Provision of mobile medical service
      Section 1890
    • Article 5.
      Unsealed Byproduct Material – Written Directive Not Required
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    • Section 1900
      Use of unsealed radioactive material for uptake, dilution, and excretion studies for which a written directive is not required
      Section 1910
      Training for uptake, dilution, and excretion studies
      Section 1920
      Use of unsealed radioactive material for imaging and localization studies for which a written directive is not required
      Section 1930
      Permissible molybdenum-99, strontium-82, and strontium-85 concentrations
      Section 1940
      Training for imaging and localization studies
    • Article 6.
      Unsealed Byproduct Material - Written Directive Required
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    • Section 1950
      Use of unsealed radioactive material for which a written directive is required
      Section 1960
      Safety instruction
      Section 1970
      Safety precautions
      Section 1980
      Training for use of unsealed radioactive material for which a written directive is required
      Section 1990
      Training for the oral administration of sodium iodide (I-131) requiring a written directive in quantities less than or equal to 33 mCi (1.22 GBq)
      Section 2000
      Training for the oral administration of sodium iodide (I-131) requiring a written directive in quantities greater than 33 mCi (1.22 GBq)
      Section 2001
      Training for the parenteral administration of unsealed radioactive material requiring a written directive
    • Article 9.
      Photon Emitting Remote Afterloader Units, Teletherapy Units, and Stereotactic Radiosurgery Units
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    • Section 2040
      Training requirements and use of a sealed source in a remote afterloader unit, teletherapy unit, or gamma stereotactic radiosurgery unit
      Section 2041
      Surveys required
      Section 2042
      Installation, maintenance, adjustment, and repair
      Section 2043
      Safety procedures and instructions, and precautions for remote afterloader units, teletherapy units, and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units
      Section 2044
      Dosimetry equipment
      Section 2045
      Full calibration measurements
      Section 2046
      Periodic spot-checks
      Section 2047
      Additional technical requirements for mobile remote afterloader units
      Section 2048
      Full-inspection servicing for teletherapy and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units
      Section 2049
      Therapy-related computer systems
    • Article 11.
      Other Medical Uses of Byproduct Material or Radiation from Byproduct Material
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    • Section 2060
      Other medical uses of radioactive material or radiation from radioactive materials
  • Part X.
    Notices, Instructions, and Reports to Workers; Inspections
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  • Part XV.
    Therapeutic Radiation Machines
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    • Article 7.
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    • Section 3380
      Purpose and scope
      Section 3390
      General administrative requirements for facilities using therapeutic radiation machines
      Section 3400
      General technical requirements for facilities using therapeutic radiation machines
      Section 3410
      Quality management program
      Section 3420
      Therapeutic radiation machines of less than 500 kV
      Section 3430
      Therapeutic radiation machines - photon therapy systems (500 kV and above) and electron therapy systems (500 kV and above)
      Section 3440
      Calibration of survey instruments
      Section 3450
      Shielding and safety design requirements
      Section 3451
      Quality assurance for radiation therapy simulation systems
      Section 3452
      Electronic brachytherapy
      Section 3453
      Other use of electronically produced radiation to deliver therapeutic radiation dosage
FORMS (12VAC5-481)

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