Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 12. Health
Agency 5. Department of Health

Chapter 31. Virginia Emergency Medical Services RegulationsRead Chapter

Section 10
Section 20
Responsibility for regulations; application of regulations
Section 30
Powers and procedures of regulations not exclusive
Section 40
Section 50
Section 60
Issuance of a variance
Section 70
Content of variance
Section 80
Conditions of variance
Section 90
Termination of variance
Section 100
Denial of a variance
Section 110
Section 120
Public notice of request for exemption
Section 130
Public hearing for exemption request
Section 140
Issuance of an exemption
Section 150
Content of exemption
Section 160
Conditions of exemption
Section 170
Termination of exemption
Section 180
Denial of an exemption
Section 190
General exemptions from these regulations
Section 200
Right to enforcement
Section 210
Enforcement actions
Section 220
Suspension of a license, permit, certificate, endorsement or designation
Section 230
Revocation of a license, permit or certificate
Section 240
Correction order
Section 250
Judicial review
Section 260
Submission of complaints
Section 270
Investigation process
Section 280
Action by the Office of EMS
Section 290
Exclusions from these regulations
Section 300
Requirement for EMS agency licensure and EMS certification
Section 310
Provision of EMS within Virginia
Section 320
General applicability of the regulations
Section 330
Compliance with regulations
Section 340
EMS agency name
Section 350
Ability to pay
Section 360
Public access
Section 370
Designated emergency response agency
Section 380
EMS agency availability
Section 390
Destination to specialty care hospitals
Section 400
Section 410
EMS agency licensure classifications
Section 420
Application for EMS agency license
Section 430
Issuance of an EMS agency license
Section 440
Display of EMS agency license
Section 450
EMS agency licensure renewal
Section 460
Denial of an EMS agency license
Section 470
Modification of an EMS agency license
Section 480
Termination of EMS agency licensure
Section 490
EMS agency insurance
Section 500
Place of operations
Section 510
Equipment and supplies
Section 520
Storage and security of drugs and related supplies
Section 530
Preparation and maintenance of records and reports
Section 540
Personnel records
Section 550
EMS vehicle records
Section 560
Patient care records
Section 570
EMS agency status report
Section 580
Availability of these regulations
Section 590
Operational Medical Director requirement
Section 600
Quality management reporting
Section 610
Designated emergency response agency standards
Section 630
Designated emergency response agency mutual aid
Section 640
EMS vehicle permit requirement
Section 650
Temporary EMS vehicle permit
Section 660
Denial of an EMS vehicle permit
Section 670
Display of EMS vehicle permit
Section 680
EMS vehicle advertising
Section 690
Renewal of an EMS vehicle permit
Section 700
EMS vehicle safety
Section 710
EMS vehicle occupant safety
Section 720
EMS vehicle sanitation
Section 740
EMS vehicle inspection
Section 750
EMS vehicle warning lights and devices
Section 760
EMS vehicle communications
Section 770
Ground EMS vehicle markings
Section 780
Air Ambulance markings
Section 790
EMS vehicle letter restrictions and specifications
Section 800
Nontransport response vehicle specifications
Section 810
Ground ambulance specifications
Section 820
Advanced life support equipment package
Section 830
Neonatal ambulance specifications
Section 840
Section 850
EMS vehicle equipment requirements
Section 860
Required vehicle equipment
Section 870
Application for agency licensure
Section 875
Operations and safety
Section 880
Air medical service personnel classifications
Section 885
Section 890
Section 900
General requirements
Section 910
Criminal or enforcement history
Section 920
Section 930
State and federal law compliance
Section 940
Drugs and substance abuse
Section 950
Disclosure of patient information
Section 960
Misrepresentation of qualifications
Section 970
Interference or obstruction of investigation
Section 980
False application for license, permit, certificate, endorsement or designation
Section 990
False statements or submissions
Section 1000
Falsification of materials
Section 1010
Misappropriation or theft of drugs
Section 1020
Discrimination in provision of care
Section 1030
Sexual harassment
Section 1040
Operational medical director authorization to extend priviledges for EMS practice
Section 1050
Scope of practice
Section 1060
Section 1070
Extraordinary care outside of protocols
Section 1080
Inability to carry out medical control orders
Section 1090
Refusal of care
Section 1100
Consent or refusal
Section 1110
Transfer of patient care/patient abandonment
Section 1120
Provider disagreement over patient's needs
Section 1130
Attending of the patient during transports
Section 1140
Provision of patient care documentation
Section 1150
Emergency operation of EMS vehicle
Section 1160
Provision of care by mutual aid
Section 1165
EMS agency mutual aid response
Section 1170
Provision of care by students
Section 1180
Adequate response staffing
Section 1190
Attendant-in-charge authorization
Section 1200
Minimum age of EMS vehicle personnel
Section 1210
Nontransport response vehicle staffing
Section 1220
Transfer of ALS package
Section 1230
Ground ambulance staffing requirements
Section 1240
Basic life support vehicle transport
Section 1250
Advanced life support vehicle transport
Section 1260
Supplemented transport requirements
Section 1270
Neonatal transport requirements
Section 1280
Section 1290
Section 1300
Section 1305
EMS First Responder (FR)
Section 1307
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Section 1310
Section 1315
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Section 1320
Section 1325
Emergency Medical Technician Enhanced (EMT-E)
Section 1330
Section 1335
Section 1337
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT).
Section 1340
Section 1345
Section 1350
Section 1355
Emergency Medical Technician-Instructor
Section 1360
Section 1365
Advanced Life Support Coordinator
Section 1370
Section 1375
EMS Education Coordinator
Section 1380
Section 1385
Certifcation periods
Section 1387
Virginia EMS certification is required to practice
Section 1389
Initial course certification
Section 1390
Section 1391
Certification through reciprocity
Section 1393
Certification through legal recognition
Section 1395
EMT certification challenge
Section 1400
Section 1401
General recertification requirements
Section 1403
EMS provider recertification required
Section 1405
Documentation of continuing education (CE)
Section 1407
Recertifcation through reentry
Section 1409
Course curriculum
Section 1410
Section 1411
BLS certification programs
Section 1413
Advanced life support certification programs
Section 1415
Nationally recognized continuing educaiton programs
Section 1417
Approved courses in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation
Section 1419
Continuing education programs
Section 1420
Section 1421
Teaching materials/approved texts
Section 1423
Course announcement requirements
Section 1425
Emergency Medical Technician Instructor, Advanced Life Support Coordinator or EMS Education Coordinator responsibilities as employee or contractor
Section 1427
Course approval request submission
Section 1429
Course approval request changes
Section 1430
Section 1431
Student course enrollment
Section 1433
Instructor participation records
Section 1435
Student records for certification courses
Section 1437
Continuing education record submission
Section 1439
Verification of student course completion
Section 1440
Section 1441
Communications with PCD/OMD
Section 1443
Alternative course presentation format
Section 1445
Course scheduling
Section 1447
Maximum BLS or ALS course enrollment
Section 1449
Lesson instructors
Section 1450
Section 1451
Course monitoring
Section 1453
Emergency Medical Technician Instructor, Advanced Life Support Coordinator, and EMS Educational Coordinator responsibilities for initial student testi
Section 1454
Admission to certification test.
Section 1455
Certification testing requirements
Section 1457
General description of certification examination
Section 1459
Certification eligibility
Section 1460
Section 1461
Prohibition of oral examinations
Section 1463
Candidates requirements for state recertification
Section 1465
Section 1467
Basic and advanced life support written examinations
Section 1469
Basic and advanced life support practical examinations
Section 1470
Section 1471
Examination retest
Section 1473
Candidate evidence of eligibility for retesting
Section 1475
Candidate evidence of eligibility for secondary testing
Section 1477
Examination security and review
Section 1480
Section 1490
Section 1500
Section 1501
BLS certification course attendance
Section 1503
BLS course student requirements
Section 1505
EMS First Responder certification program
Section 1507
First Responder bridge to EMT
Section 1509
EMS First Responder bridge length
Section 1510
Section 1511
First Responder bridge to EMT certification examinations
Section 1513
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification
Section 1515
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification examination
Section 1520
Section 1521
ALS course student requirements
Section 1523
EMT-Enhanced certification
Section 1524
Advanced EMT certification
Section 1525
Intermediate certification
Section 1527
Paramedic certification
Section 1529
Advanced life support bridge courses
Section 1530
Section 1531
Registered Nurse to Paramedic Bridge
Section 1533
Registered Nurse to Paramedic Bridge program completion requirements
Section 1535
NREMT Paramedic endorsements
Section 1540
Section 1541
Section 1542
Section 1543
EMT-Instructor recertification
Section 1544
EMT-Instructor reentry
Section 1545
Section 1546
Section 1547
Renewal of Advanced Life Support coordinator
Section 1548
EMS Education coordinator
Section 1549
EMS Education coordinator prerequisites
Section 1550
Section 1551
EMS education coordinator certification process
Section 1552
EMS education coordinator recertification process
Section 1553
EMS education coordinator reentry
Section 1560
Section 1561
EMS training fund
Section 1563
Contracting through the EMS training fund
Section 1565
Section 1567
Section 1570
Section 1580
Section 1590
Section 1600
Section 1601
Accreditation of EMS training programs
Section 1603
Sentinel events
Section 1605
Initial accreditation
Section 1607
Renewal of accreditation
Section 1609
Accreditation of alternative locations/learning sites
Section 1610
Section 1611
Appeal of site accreditation application results
Section 1613
Accreditation of Paramedic programs
Section 1615
Equivalent accreditation of EMS programs
Section 1620
Section 1630
Section 1640
Section 1650
Section 1660
Section 1670
Section 1680
Section 1690
Section 1700
Section 1710
Section 1720
Section 1800
Requirement for EMS physician endorsement
Section 1810
Qualifications for EMS physician endorsement
Section 1820
Application for EMS physician endorsement
Section 1830
Conditional endorsement
Section 1840
Lapse of EMS physician endorsement
Section 1850
Change in EMS physician contact information
Section 1860
Renewal of endorsement
Section 1870
Service by an EMS physician
Section 1880
Agreement to serve as an operational medical director
Section 1890
Responsibilities of operational medical directors
Section 1900
OMD and EMS agency conflict resolution
Section 1910
Change of operational medical director
Section 1920
Responsibilities of physician course directors
Section 1930
Compliance with training regulations
Section 1940
Physician course director responsibility to students
Section 1950
Physician endorsement exemptions
Section 1960
Section 2000
Section 2300
Purpose of designated regional EMS councils
Section 2310
Provision of regional EMS council services within Virginia and compliance with these regulations
Section 2320
Requirement for regional EMS council designation
Section 2330
Designation of a regional EMS council
Section 2340
Application process for designation
Section 2350
Section 2360
Designation approval
Section 2370
Designation periods
Section 2380
Regional EMS councils requesting undesignation
Section 2390
Powers and procedures of regulations not exclusive
Section 2400
Section 2410
Section 2420
Issuance of a variance
Section 2430
Content of variance
Section 2440
Conditions of variance
Section 2450
Termination of variance
Section 2460
Denial of a variance
Section 2470
Section 2480
Public notice of request for exemption
Section 2490
Public hearing for exemption request
Section 2500
Issuance of an exemption
Section 2510
Content of exemption
Section 2520
Conditions of exemption
Section 2530
Termination of exemption
Section 2540
Denial of an exemption
Section 2550
Right to enforcement
Section 2560
Enforcement actions
Section 2570
Correction order
Section 2580
Suspension of a designation
Section 2590
Revocation of a designation
Section 2600
Judicial review
Section 2610
Submission of complaints
Section 2620
Investigation process
Section 2630
Action by the Office of EMS
Section 2640
Section 2650
Composition of designated regional EMS councils
Section 2660
Governing body of a designated regional EMS council
Section 2670
Regional EMS plan
Section 2680
Regional trauma triage plan
Section 2690
Section 2700
Financial assistance for emergency medical services
Section 2710
Base funding of designated regional EMS councils
Section 2720
Matching funds
Section 2730
Performance standards
Section 2740
Accountability for public funds
Section 2750
Section 2760
Section 2770
Section 2780
Section 2790
Section 2800
Section 2810
The Financial Assistance and Review Committee (FARC)
Section 2820
RSAF General Grant Program administration
Section 2830
Award of RSAF General Grants
Section 2840
RSAF General Grant award cycle
Section 2850
Emergency awards
Section 2860
EMS System Initiative Awards
Section 2870
Responsibilities of the grantee
Section 2880
Application for award
Section 2890
Section 2900
Section 2910
Amount of grant award
Section 2920
Use of funds
Section 2930
Section 2940
Improper expenditures
Section 2950
Modification of an award
Section 2960
Suspension of an award
Section 2970
Revocation of an award
FORMS (12VAC5-31)

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